Ember Moon and 6 Superstars Who Deserve a Push from WWE Creative

Kevin Wong@@kevinjameswongFeatured ColumnistNovember 30, 2018

Ember Moon and 6 Superstars Who Deserve a Push from WWE Creative

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The problem with WWE having a stacked roster, from top to bottom, is that someone is going to get the short shrift.

    It's inevitable. There are three hours in every Raw, there are two hours in every Smackdown, and there's a pay-per-view every month.

    It's impossible to build a compelling, personalized storyline culminating in a must-see PPV appearance for every performer, even though many are former NXT Champions or decorated indie stars. The math doesn't allow for it.

    WWE has partially addressed this problem by rotating its wrestlers in and out of the spotlight. Asuka teamed with Naomi for the past couple of months and fought frivolous tag matches. But now she's back to her old winning habits, leading to a triple threat title match at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

    Her absence from the main event allowed for other wrestlers to occupy a more prominent spot. Eventually, everyone will get his or her turn in the spotlight.

    Well, almost everyone. There are some performers who are continuously underutilized, irrespective of cycles, over an extended period of time.

    We're looking at six of those wrestlers who could be viable threats and champion material if only WWE gave them the ball and told them to run with it.

    It worked for Becky Lynch, after all, and now she's The Man. It could work for these men and women, too.

Sonya Deville

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    Credit: WWE.com

    When Paige—returning after a long, personally challenging absence—appeared on WWE television with her new stable, we were too caught up in the thrill of seeing her that we didn't pay enough attention to the fierce looking woman behind her, bouncing on her toes.

    Sonya Deville has a lean, hungry look to her, like a predator ready to move in for the kill.

    She has a phenomenal "take no prisoners" entrance and nearly won the final slot in the triple threat at the TLC PPV—she was the next-to-last woman in the battle royal, and like Asuka, she was hanging on to the apron for dear life.

    Sonya needs a push, and her status as an openly LGBT individual would make her an ideal role model for being yourself.

The Revival

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    Credit: WWE.com

    There was a time, not too long ago, when the Revival were two-time NXT Tag Champions and were considered by many industry observers to be the greatest active tag team in all of wrestling.

    They had no special gimmick, no flashy style, but they were fundamentally impeccable and peerless at pulling off bait-and-switch heel tactics to fool and misdirect the referee.

    Then they arrived on the main roster. And after a decent feud with The New Day, they became whipping boys. They jobbed at the Raw 25th anniversary to a DX reunion, and they were booked to go under in every one of their feuds.

    They're rarely on PPVs, and sometimes they're not even on Raw unless they're part of a brawl segment. It's an absolute shame and a waste.

    Perhaps the best option is to move them over to Smackdown. That show has The Usos, whose freewheeling intensity would match wonderfully with The Revival's methodical, physical style. We definitely know that Lucha House Parties don't help matters.

Sarah Logan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Ruby Riott fronts the Riott Squad, the stable that bears her name, but the lowkey standout of that trio is Sarah Logan.

    "Born in the woods, raised in the mud." An unabashed Southerner, Logan wrestles an extremely stiff, hard-hitting style, and she's more physically imposing than a lot of her peers. She made a great showing at this year's Royal Rumble, but she has lost more than she's won since then, even if she looks competitive doing it.

    The Riott Squad should break up after their current feud with Natalya; the three of them all look and work so differently from one another that the gimmick has run its course. Then we'll see what each of them is truly made of.

Killian Dain

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Sanity is rarely on TV to begin with, so Killian Dain, the silent muscle for the stable, is not getting any sort of push at all. He's a big, hairy hoss who looks aesthetically out of place in his own group. Any sort of TV booking would be considered a push compared to what he currently receives.

    A solo run could give Dain the chance to shine on his own—maybe pair him up with some enhancement talent so the WWE Universe could see what he can do?

    Or maybe he can be Paige's backstage muscle since they both share UK lineage.

Ember Moon

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The "It" girl of WWE who has it all—the look, the skill, the red eyes and the coolest finisher in the company—is best known for coming close. She'll last all the way through a battle royal and then be the last one or the next-to-last one eliminated.

    It's high time that Ember Moon stopped "almost" winning and actually won for real. She's a former NXT champion who gave Asuka her biggest challenge to date at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. By that logic, she should be treated with a similar level of respect and attention. But she's not and never has been.

    Why not start another feud with Asuka, this time on the main roster? It's what made her the breakout star in 2017, and it would give casual fans physical evidence of her greatness instead of needing to be told about it by the commentators.