10 Most Likely Moves in Next WWE Superstar Shake-Up

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2018

10 Most Likely Moves in Next WWE Superstar Shake-Up

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    Becky Lynch and the SmackDown women's division.
    Becky Lynch and the SmackDown women's division.Credit: WWE.com

    The Superstar Shake-up usually happens right after WrestleMania, but since WWE makes up its own rules, it can choose to have the event whenever it wants. 

    The WWE roster has seen a lot of changes in 2018, especially when it comes to Superstars taking time off due to an injury or illness.

    Having two brands allows WWE to highlight more wrestlers than if everyone shared both shows, but more importantly, it allows management to change things up every year to give us fresh feuds and matchups.

    Raw and SmackDown need to have a good balance of main event, midcard, tag team and low-level Superstars, so moving a handful of people every year is necessary to keep things from becoming more repetitive than they already are.

    This article will look at the 10 Superstars most likely to move during the next Superstar Shake-up.

Becky Lynch and Bayley Switch Places

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    Ever since the brand split, WWE has kept the Four Horsewomen of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks apart. The Irish Lass Kicker has been on SmackDown since the initial split, and The Queen joined her in April.

    We have seen Bayley battle Banks and Charlotte fight Lynch numerous times. The best thing for all of them would be for Bayley and Lynch to trade places.

    We have never seen long-term programs with The Lass Kicker vs. The Boss or The Hugger vs. The Queen, so these would be fresh feuds the company could use to carry the women's division on both shows for a few months.

    With Lynch's popularity skyrocketing lately, putting her on Raw makes more sense to get the most out of her fandom.

    Bayley needs something to get herself back on the right track after being out of the hunt for the Raw women's title for a long time, and moving to SmackDown would do the trick. 

Seth Rollins

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    If WWE is going to keep The Shield broken up, someone should move to the blue brand. Since Roman Reigns is not an option right now, Seth Rollins is the best candidate.

    Dean Ambrose was already the top dog on SmackDown during his reign as WWE champion, so it would be more interesting to see how The Architect does against the likes of AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan on the blue brand.

    There are plenty of Superstars Rollins could feud with on SmackDown that we have never seen him fight before, and there are even a few storylines WWE could reignite with some of his old rivals, too. 

    Who wouldn't want to see him face Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio? There would be enough new opponents to keep him occupied for at least a year, maybe more.  

Bray Wyatt

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    Ever since Matt Hardy chose to step back so he could deal with some nagging injuries, Bray Wyatt has been without a tag team partner and a storyline.

    Moving him to SmackDown is necessary to give him a fresh start after being handled so poorly for so long on Raw. 

    Reuniting him with The Bludgeon Brothers is an option, especially since Harper and Rowan weren't too successful without The Eater of Worlds by their side.

    The best thing about putting this group back together on SmackDown would be the possibility of seeing The Wyatt Family vs. Sanity. A long-term storyline between the two stables would do wonders for both.

    Maybe Wyatt can recruit a female member to battle Nikki Cross to make it an even fight. Sarah Logan would fit perfectly, but that's an idea to look at down the line.

The New Day

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    Putting the Raw tag titles on The Authors of Pain was a good idea, but how many teams on Raw will pose a threat to the behemoths?

    Chad Gable and Bobby Roode were thrown together because of a lack of anything better in the singles division; The Ascension hasn't been taken seriously in over a year; The B-Team all but disappeared after losing the belts; and The Fashion Police are out of the picture due to Fandango's injury.

    Raw needs some new blood in its tag team division, and WWE can rely on The New Day to put on great matches against any opponents.

    Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods have faced every team on the blue brand multiple times. They need a change of scenery and competition, and moving them to Raw is the best option.

Ember Moon

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    Ember Moon has been on the main roster for almost eight months and has yet to have a meaningful storyline on Raw. That is a problem.

    The War Goddess is a unique talent who is capable of putting on great matches with a variety of opponents, but she has not been given the chance to shine due to an overcrowded women's division on Monday nights.

    Moving her to SmackDown would be a chance to start afresh and go after a title without having to worry about competing with Ronda Rousey, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax for the spotlight.

The Revival

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    One of the most wasted tag teams on either show is The Revival. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder went from putting on Match of the Year candidates in NXT to having almost no direction on the main roster. 

    A couple of injuries derailed their initial push, and they have been stuck in limbo ever since. Moving them to SmackDown is the only way to help at this point.

    The blue brand's tag team division has a more solid foundation than Raw, so there would be plenty of competition for The Revival to create new feuds with on Tuesday nights.

    Seeing Wilder and Dawson face teams like The Bar, Sanity and The Usos would lead to some great matches and give the old school tag team more opportunities than it has had on Raw.

    Who do you think will switch brands during the next Superstar Shake-up?