WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Highlights and Reaction from November 21

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 22, 2018

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Highlights and Reaction from November 21

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    In the wake of another explosive TakeOver special, NXT hit the WWE Network Wednesday night with an episode that ignited one rivalry and wrapped up another.

    Nikki Cross battled Candice LeRae in the night's main event, while Keith Lee and Lars Sullivan crossed paths for the first time.

    What happened and how might it affect NXT going forward?

    Find out with this recap of the November 21 broadcast.

Keith Lee vs. Fidel Bravo

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    An arrogant Fidel Bravo shoved the larger Keith Lee early and looked to follow up with a sucker punch.

    Lee answered by flattening him and added a slap to the chest for good measure. A running cross body block and a jackhammer finished Bravo off.



    Lee defeated Bravo






    This was an average squash match that did nothing to really elevate or devalue Lee in any measurable way.

    The big man is an impressive in-ring competitor, but he desperately needs a real feud with someone in order to firmly establish himself in NXT.

    These squash matches will not do it.

Lars Sullivan vs. Keita Murray

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    Lars Sullivan is en route to the main roster, but first he stopped by NXT to battle Keita Murray in singles competition.

    Competition, of course, being used loosely in this case.

    Sullivan obliterated Murray and finished him with the Freak Accident in mere seconds.

    After the match, he reminded everyone he is coming for the NXT Championship before returning his attention to Murray.

    Keith Lee made the save and pounced Sullivan out of the ring and to the floor.



    Sullivan defeated Murray






    Remember a match earlier when this writer mentioned Lee needed desperately to find himself a legitimate rivalry?

    He just did.

    This was less about Sullivan squashing Murray than it was igniting a rivalryand it worked.

    The question now, though, is whether management books Sullivan to go over Lee given the fact he is headed to the main roster or if Lee scores the biggest win of his young NXT career.

Candice LeRae vs. Nikki Cross

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    Nikki Cross held the secret of Johnny Gargano's sneak attack on Aleister Black for months before finally being part of the reveal. Candice LeRae, taking exception to the Sanity member's mind games, squared off against her in Wednesday's main event.

    The match was a fast-paced encounter that saw neither woman firmly gain control for an extended period of time.

    Late, LeRae let weeks of frustration and anger out, taking the fight to a Cross who merely smiled in response and shook it off.

    The celebrated indy star trapped Cross in the Garga-No Escape at one point, but the unpredictable Scot got her foot on the bottom rope, forcing the break.

    An alert Cross tripped LeRae up and delivered a twisting neckbreaker for the win.



    Cross defeated LeRae






    It was nice to see LeRae in extended action in NXT. She has not been prominently featured outside of being Gargano's wife and that is a shame given how immensely talented a performer she is.

    Here, she was able to show some of that against, arguably, the most underrated women's wrestler on the entire WWE roster.

    Cross winning makes sense since she has already appeared on the main roster and should be mixing it up on Raw or SmackDown.

    LeRae's time will come. One can only hope this is the beginning of a push of sorts for Candice Wrestling.

    If not, NXT officials may regret letting her waste away rather than exploring her worth between the ropes.