WWE Raw Results: Survivor Series Hype Begins and Biggest Takeaways from Nov. 5

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2018

WWE Raw Results: Survivor Series Hype Begins and Biggest Takeaways from Nov. 5

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    The hype for Survivor Series on November 18 was underway Monday on Raw, resulting in a few takeaways from the USA Network broadcast.

    From Ronda Rousey's money promo to Kurt Angle's in-ring ability at this point in his career, there was plenty to talk about from the taped episode of the flagship show, which emanated from Manchester, England.

    What were they and how might they affect the brand going forward?

    Take a look.

It's Time for a Rebuild of the Tag Team Division

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    Akam and Rezar from The Authors of Pain defeated Seth Rollins in a 2-on-1 Handicap match Monday night to win the Raw Tag Team Championships. While it was a big storyline development, and a monumental moment in the careers of the NXT exports, it also ignited a rebuild for a tag division desperately in need of it.

    The Raw tag team division has been delegitimized to such an extent that the only two believable teams throughout the summer were the duos of Rollins and Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

    Every time the creative team had the opportunity to put the titles on The Revival and reignite their fire after an acclaimed NXT run, it resisted. It took the team of Apollo Crews and Titus O'Neil and split it. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt were forced to disband and The B Team became afterthoughts the minute they dropped the titles.

    So much effort and energy was put into the teams made up of bigger singles stars that the rest of the division suffered.

    Now, with AOP capturing the gold, and with the arrival of Lucha House Party, it appears as though the creative team is making a genuine effort to rebuild what it tore down throughout 2018.

    Whether they can stay focused enough to do it without pitching another idea for wacky mismatched tag champions or putting the titles on two singles stars is the real question. Recent history dictates that will not be the case.

Ronda Rousey Cuts Money Promo Ahead of Showdown with Becky Lynch

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    Ronda Rousey cut her finest promo to date Monday, reminding both her Survivor Series opponent Becky Lynch and the WWE Universe just who the hell she is.

    Rousey ran down her accomplishments as part of UFC and dared Lynch to bring all of her anger and rage to Survivor Series on November 18. She ended with an exclamation point, saying Lynch may be "the man" but she is the "baddest b---h on the planet!"

    For a Superstar who easily could have come in from the unscripted world of MMA and struggled to connect with audiences due to a more scripted environment, Rousey has exceeded all expectations. Monday's promo was no different.

    In fact, of everything that unfolded on this week's show, it did the most to create excitement for a Survivor Series pay-per-view whose hype was extinguished by the attention paid to the disastrous Crown Jewel.

Kurt Angle Is Done

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    It may not be a popular statement, but...Kurt Angle is done as an in-ring performer.

    He looks to be in pain and cannot keep up with the speed of the today's Superstars. His weaknesses at this point in his career are exposed every time he shares the ring with a Dolph Ziggler or Drew McIntyre, and that is hardly how longtime fans of the 2017 Olympic gold medalist want to remember him.

    Monday night, he battled McIntyre in the night's main event and never looked to be comfortable at any point in the match. He looked like an aging veteran still clinging to the idea that he can go when his body will not allow him.

    Add in the fact that WWE Creative has booked him to lose two consecutive matches clean in the center of the ring, the aforementioned bout against McIntyre with his own ankle-lock submission, and you have a Superstar who has no reason to lace his boots and take the punishment between the ropes anymore.

    Arguably one of the best wrestlers to ever set foot inside the squared circle, Angle should let his legacy speak for itself rather than performing at any level less than what him and his fans are accustomed to.

The Elias Push Is in Full Effect

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    If Elias' babyface turn was not an indication of a serious push for the sinister songster, his clean victory over former intercontinental and tag team champion Dolph Ziggler Monday certainly was.

    Ziggler has been portrayed as a top-tier athlete on Raw since his return, routinely competing in main events alongside the likes of The Shield, Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre. He is still teamed up with McIntyre as part of a one-two-punch heel tandem that should make life a living hell for the top babyfaces on Raw.

    Beating him with your finisher, as Elias did, means something. It elevates Elias' star and sets him up to play a key role in the Raw vs. SmackDown Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match. If that is what WWE Creative is aiming for, of course.

    Already an enemy of team captain Baron Corbin, it should be interesting to see if that plays into the decision to put him on the team or if Elias becomes something of an anti-authority rebel, a role that would almost certainly enhance his popularity beyond what it already is.


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