WWE Raw Results: Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch Must Main-Event and Top Takeaways

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistNovember 13, 2018

WWE Raw Results: Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch Must Main-Event and Top Takeaways

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Few feuds have been going on in WWE longer than the battle for brand supremacy between Raw and SmackDown. It has been the focus of multiple pay-per-views over the years, with Survivor Series transforming into the night when the two shows clash.

    This year, there has not been a lot of time for Raw and SmackDown to set up their contenders, which has made recent episodes of both shows vital for the progress toward the latest Big Four pay-per-view. Monday's edition of Raw was the last chance for the red brand to get ready for the marquee event.

    Because of this, many big moments were promised ahead of time. Stephanie McMahon was set to appear to address Shane McMahon's controversial win at Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar promised to appear before his clash with AJ Styles on Sunday, and Team Raw's men and women's teams were also going to be finalized.

    However, the show also was defined by moments that reach beyond Sunday, showcasing the biggest stars on Raw and where they stand on the roster.

Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch Is the Main Event of Survivor Series

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    Alexa Bliss announced the Raw women's team, including Mickie James, Nia Jax and Tamina. The trio then ruined a match between Bayley and Sasha Banks to make Ruby Riott the final member along with Natalya.

    Led by Becky Lynch attacking Ronda Rousey, Team SmackDown arrived and took down Raw with The Irish Lass Kicker standing tall to end the night.

    This was WWE's best invasion angle since making Survivor Series a brand-warfare showcase two years ago. It felt heated and intense without coming off as contrived. Lynch wanted to make a statement, and the rest of the SmackDown women were glad to take their shots behind her.

    While the use of Charlotte Flair was mishandled given her current storyline, everything else here worked perfectly. This sold how big the first-ever clash between Lynch and Ronda Rousey is.

    Even with Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles on the card, nothing has the emotional weight or excitement behind it that Rousey vs. Lynch does. It is just about the biggest women's match WWE has booked, and the company wants everyone to see it as the headline attraction at Survivor Series.

    While it is just one match with nothing on the line, it feels like an important turning point in the women's evolution. It is no longer just about history. Rousey and Lynch have become the biggest stars on their brands through their performances, and they may be leading Raw and SmackDown from here on.

    If this match does not main-event, it would be a crime. There's no reason it shouldn't. It's the biggest match with the biggest stars.

Despite Not Becoming Champion, Braun Strowman Has Taken on Roman Reigns' Role

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The Raw tag teams battled to crown the team captain for the 10-on-10 elimination tag match at Survivor Series before Braun Strowman interrupted to plough through everyone and demand Baron Corbin.

    Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon talked him down, promising him another chance to fight Brock Lesnar with any stipulation if the red brand won at Survivor Series on Sunday.

    Lesnar may be WWE universal champion, but The Monster Among Men has taken over Roman Reigns' position atop Raw. While he's not the biggest star on the flagship showโ€”that honor goes to Rouseyโ€”he is the most highly regarded male star on the red brand right now.

    He has opened the show every week since Crown Jewel and was regarded by Stephanie as Raw's ace on Sunday. Since Raw has won the last two years at Survivor Series, it is likely they will lose this year, but that should not take The Monster out of the running for a title shot.

    For whatever reason, the company relies on the big man but does not trust him to carry the world championship over The Beast Incarnate. It is a shame, but hopefully he'll stay near the top until WWE is forced to move on from Lesnar.

    Alongside Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre, Strowman keeps Raw's men's division relevant and should be rewarded for carrying the brand sooner rather than later.

Dean Ambrose's Turn Is the Only Reason The Shield Reunion Worked

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    Seth Rollins demanded answers from Dean Ambrose again as he took over his interview with Corey Graves. The Lunatic Fringe answered by declaring on the titantron that The Shield made him weak, before he burned his Shield vest.

    Ambrose has long been a reliable star in WWE, but he needed a fresh start. While returning to The Shield came off at first as an attempt to rekindle the early excitement around his debut, the move ended up being the spark that allowed him to return to his natural role.

    This week showcased how much better the former WWE champion is on the mic when he's a heel. He barely said anything, and it still felt like a violent put-down of The Architect. Finally forgoing the silliness and antics, this was as focused as Ambrose has sounded in months, maybe even years.

    While Roman Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose changed the business together as a trio, their reunion was never a great idea. It came too soon, and it lost steam long before anything forced the group to be put on hold. Even if The Lunatic had stayed healthy, the stable would have felt miscast on the road to WrestleMania.

    Despite the stable struggling to rekindle its old magic, the end goal to turn Ambrose heel was a success. It makes the whole story matter, and hopefully this rivalry between Rollins and his former teammate will be a stronger act than what came before.

Dolph Ziggler Will Lose Most of His Momentum When He Turns Face on Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre declared Raw was his show from now on, avoiding the word "we" entirely even with Dolph Ziggler right by his side.

    However, after Finn Balor arrived, The Scottish Psychopath told The Showoff to fight the Irishman instead. Balor managed to roll up Ziggler and steal the win to earn a shot at McIntyre.

    The cracks in McIntyre and Ziggler's alliance have been forming for a long time, but they're apparent now as the Scot begins a huge singles heel run. Despite The Showoff getting close to winning the World Cup, he looks more and more like an afterthought as his partner rises up the ranks.

    It is likely Ziggler will turn face sooner rather than later to further push McIntyre over the top. While the matches they'll have should be great, there's little room for The Showoff to rise in this rivalry. He'll be crushed underneath the momentum of the Scot.

    It's a shame because this has been one of the best runs of Ziggler's career. His work with McIntyre has been consistently on point, and he's looked more motivated than ever.ย Unfortunately, it's been the story of his career that he always falls back down the ranks for the sake of other stars.

WWE Still Thinks Bobby Lashley Is a Bigger Star Than Elias

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Bobby Lashley fought Elias for the final spot on the Raw men's team, with the sinister songster sending The Dominator reeling until Lio Rush caught the leg of Elias and made sure he got counted out.

    Afterward, the musician angrily threw Rush over the top rope onto Lashley.

    While WWE clearly is behind this new face version of Elias, he continues to miss out on the big events while Lashley has been on all the major shows. Team Raw has a fantastic lineup with McIntyre, Ziggler, Strowman, Balor and Lashley, but Elias could have fit just as well.

    While no one should doubt the talent of the former ECW champion, it is clear Lashley is not working in his second run in WWE. He has been repeatedly ignored by the fans rather than cheered or booed, and his hype man is making matters worse.

    Meanwhile, Elias is as popular as anyone on the red brand. Few wrestlers get the kind of reaction he does every week. It is frustrating that he'll miss another major show for the sake of a star who has not proved worthy of the spotlight he has been given.

    However, it is completely expected of a promotion that continues to ignore the fans until the reaction is too obvious for anyone to mute.