Cloakzy and Tfue Top Plays, Prize Money from Week 6 Fortnite Fall Skirmish

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistOctober 29, 2018

SAN JOSE, CA - OCTOBER 26, 2018: Crowd of fans watching Fortnite competition at TwitchCon, San Jose Convention Center on October 26, 2018 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Hannah Smith / ESPAT Media / Getty Images)
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Tfue and Cloakzy earned the $400,000 grand prize by taking first place in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Grand Finals on Sunday.

The duo combined to earn 17 total points in six matches, five more than anyone else in the field. They also added $50,000 for one Victory Royale win and another $60,000 for most eliminations with 28:

Fortnite esports @FortniteBRLive

Hey, @cloakzy. You're nuts. https://t.co/7Gkc8u6ljg

The TwitchCon finals took place at the San Jose Convention Center with four heats cutting the field down to 50 duos. The stacked field led to some competitive battles, but the Faze clan duo was the best of the bunch in an impressive run to the championship.


Fortnite Fall Skirmish Week 6 Results (Prize Money)

1. Cloakzy/Tfue ($400,000)

2. NateHill/FunkBomb ($255,000)

3. ZexRow/Vinny1x ($165,000)

4. Ghost Bizzle/Ghost Dmo ($90,000)

5. Ghost Kayuun/Ghost Sean ($52,500)

Full standings available at EpicGames.com.


The duo event provided three points and a $50,000 bonus for a Victory Royale, with second and third place earning two points and fourth and fifth earning one each round. Additionally, there was a lot of emphasis on eliminations, with three points going to teams with seven in a round and an additional bonus point for each extra elimination.

There were also several "Make it Rain" rounds where timely eliminations could earn teams up to $50,000. 

Pate1K and Domentos earned wins in each of the first two games as the European duo continually outlasted the competition and built an early lead. This also earned them $100,000 from Victory Royales alone.

However, their conservative approach was no match for Cloakzy and Tfue, which racked up eliminations to go with their high finishes in each round.

After finished second and third in the first two rounds, the team finally won a Victory Royale on the third attempt:

FaZe Clan @FaZeClan

Twitch Con Tfue Cloakzy #FaZeUp https://t.co/uENVBJWF7J

This helped build a significant six-point lead at the halfway mark:

Fortnite esports @FortniteBRLive

@cloakzy @TTfue https://t.co/xRccShMPyy

OpTic CouRage @CouRageJD

Dude... Tfue and Cloakzy aren’t fair lmao

POACH 🛸 TwitchCon @LiquidPoach

Nuts showing from @TTfue and @cloakzy first 3 games

They cooled off down the stretch but picked up enough points to ensure a first-place finish.

There was still plenty of competition in the tournament. NickMercs and Aydan weren't able to earn a high finish in any round, but they were more than capable of eliminating their competition:

FortniteINTEL @ Twitchcon @FortniteINTEL

Some INCREDIBLE plays from @aydan and @NICKMERCS here in the Grand Finals! #Fortnite https://t.co/VruI1RXWDX

They finished with nine eliminations in Round 5, earning five total points despite both finishing outside the top 20. The performance helped them earn ninth place overall.

ZexRow and Vinny1X had a big showing in the final game, earning a Victory Royale to go with eight eliminations, which equaled a seven-point round to climb up the standings and finish third.

Still, no one was better than Tfue and Cloakzy, as they took home the top prize and a large total purse.

The prize will now hopefully be enough to hold them over until the next tournament.