WWE 205 Live, Mae Young Classic 2018 Results: Oct. 24 Winners, Grades, Reaction

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 24, 2018

WWE 205 Live, Mae Young Classic 2018 Results: Oct. 24 Winners, Grades, Reaction

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    The semifinal round of the Mae Young Classic
    The semifinal round of the Mae Young ClassicCredit: WWE.com

    Wednesday featured special editions of both 205 Live and the Mae Young Classic. The cruiserweight show celebrated its 100th episode, while the women competed in the final round before fighting at Sunday's Evolution pay-per-view in the MYC finals.

    205 Live booked a stellar matchup for its main event, with Hideo Itami taking on Mustafa Ali in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

    We also got the in-ring debut of Mike Kanellis in the cruiserweight division in a match against Lince Dorado.

    For the MYC, Toni Storm battled Meiko Satomura, and Rhea Ripley took on Io Shirai. The winners will face off on Sunday at Evolution to see who will win this year's tournament.

    Let's take a look at what happened on this week's episodes of 205 Live and Mae Young Classic.

Lince Dorado vs. Mike Kanellis

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    Mike Kanellis beating up Lince Dorado
    Mike Kanellis beating up Lince DoradoCredit: WWE.com

    Dorado was upset after the Kanellises cost him a victory over Lio Rush a couple of weeks ago, so he went right after Mike as soon as the bell rang.

    Maria was there at ringside to provide support and distractions, while Kalisto and Gran Metalik were there for Dorado to counter her interference.

    Mike had a size and power advantage, and he made sure he used it at every opportunity. Unfortunately for Dorado, Mike was also quick on his feet.

    The luchador didn't have many chances to use his signature brand of high-flying offense until later in the match because Mike kept him grounded in submissions.

    Even though he ended up getting into an altercation with Kalisto and Metalik, Kanellis picked up a clean win over Dorado to kick-start his career on 205 Live.

    It wasn't an incredible match, but it was passable.


    Grade: C+


    Notes and Highlights

    • Kanellis' music fits his character well, but it will have to change if he ever turns babyface.
    • TJP was shown watching this match backstage because he has an ongoing feud with Lucha House Party.
    • Percy Watson said Maria was trained by Paul Heyman. When did that happen?
    • Mike's superkick looked better than most. It actually looked like he connected with Dorado's face.
    • A shooting star press from the top rope will always be impressive.
    • Mike's finisher is almost exactly the same as Elias'.

Hideo Itami vs. Mustafa Ali (Falls Count Anywhere)

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    This match was designed to be the conclusion of this feud, and WWE put together a great video package for it at the top of the show.

    An early barrage of strikes put the Japanese Superstar in control right away, but Ali rebounded quickly with a hurricanrana and a springboard crossbody for the first near-fall.

    Whenever WWE gives Ali and any opponent a significant amount of time, they produce a Match of the Week candidate, and this time was no different.

    These guys have built up some great chemistry during their feud, and it helped them put on their best performance together.

    While Itami was just as impressive, this bout continued to prove Ali is one of WWE's best and most consistently entertaining in-ring performers.

    Ali was able to score the win with a 450 from the top rope through a table at ringside. General manager Drake Maverick announced Tony Nese vs. Ali for next week after the match was over.


    Grade: A+


    Notes and Highlights

    • Maverick announced a No. 1 Contender's match for next week. Doesn't Cedric Alexander get a rematch for the cruiserweight title? We also found out The Brian Kendrick will face Jack Gallagher next week.
    • Has Itami ever worn different attire in WWE? The black and brown trunks have been his go-to for a long time.
    • Itami looked surprised to see that he wasn't bleeding after his head hit the steel steps.
    • Does the WWE Universe ever not want tables?
    • You could hear some fan laughing his butt off after Itami tripped Ali on the barricade as he tried to jump off.
    • It took Itami way too long to set up the steps the way he wanted them.

Toni Storm vs. Meiko Satomura

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    Toni Storm and Meiko Satomura
    Toni Storm and Meiko SatomuraCredit: WWE.com

    The first semifinal match of the Mae Young Classic was Storm vs. Satomura. These two have been nothing short of impressive during this tournament, so this was a highly anticipated contest heading into Wednesday's show.

    They showed each other respect during their pre-match video and before the bell with a handshake. Storm looked nervous while Satomura looked confident.

    The crowd was into this match right away and chanted both women's names as they exchanged their first few holds and counters. They showed a lot of technical prowess early on.

    Silence is usually a killer for most matches, but the crowd was only quiet at certain times because everyone was so interested in what was happening in the ring. Whenever something cool would happen, the crowd would erupt.

    They didn't just have a great match, though. They told a story in the ring, and the crowd was invested in every second of it. After both women kicked out of the other's best moves a few times, the fans nearly blew the roof off the building.

    Satomura came close several times, but a second Storm Zero powerbomb put her away and allowed Storm to advance to the finals for the second time. You are doing yourself a disservice as a wrestling fan if you do not take the time to watch this contest in its entirety.

    Kairi Sane presented Storm with flowers after the match, while Triple H came out on the stage to congratulate Satomura on an amazing performance.

    Storm gave a heartfelt post-match interview before Trips came back out to raise her hand in victory.


    Grade: A+


    Notes and Highlights

    • Having Storm and Satomura reference the draw they had in their only other match in Japan helped add a lot to this story.
    • One of the reasons Storm is likable is because she looks like every night she wrestles is the best night of her life. You can't fake that kind of energy.
    • She also has great facial expressions. The look of anger after she took the first kick from Satomura was especially convincing.
    • Storm's running hip strike looked painful.
    • Both competitors took a hard hit when Storm hit a suicide dive.
    • The exchange of kicks they had toward the end was outstanding.
    • The crowd chanted "Thank you, Meiko" as Storm cried tears of joy. They bowed to each other before embracing in a genuine show of emotion and sportsmanship.

Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai

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    Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley
    Io Shirai and Rhea RipleyCredit: WWE.com

    Ripley was in a tough position coming into this match because it was obvious WWE intended to push Tegan Nox until her injury against Ripley in the quarterfinals.

    Shirai was at a disadvantage in height, weight and power, but her biggest asset has always been her ability to take to the skies.

    Other than one or two moves, the Aussie dominated the first half of the match with stiff strikes and submission holds.

    Shirai narrowly avoided being counted out after hitting a suicide dive. Once she got back in the ring, her aggression was on full display.

    This was another great match, but it didn't quite reach the level of excitement we saw during Storm vs. Satomura. Shirai picked up the win with a beautiful moonsault to advance to Sunday's finals at Evolution.

    Sane and Shirai have been friends for a long time, so it was great to see them end the show with Storm, Triple H and Sara Amato on the stage. It will be fun when they eventually have a match in a WWE ring.


    Grade: A


    Notes and Highlights

    • WWE used Nox's injury to push Ripley as a dangerous competitor in the pre-match video.
    • Shirai had a cool ring jacket. It was quite elaborate.
    • Ripley did a good job generating heat while beating Shirai into the mat.
    • The way she unloaded on Shirai with forearms to the face at one point was brutal.
    • Ripley's superplex from the top rope was awesome.
    • It was great to see Ripley maintain her heel persona after the match.