NBA Draft: Mock Draft 2.0

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJune 7, 2008

The pre-draft camp is done and scouts have evaluated most of the players in the draft. Some players have dropped and some have risen. From what I am hearing from different scouts and reports, this is who I think each team will draft. This does not include the trades that may happen (Heat, Grizzlies, Blazers, Nets, and others have been rumored to be trading their picks).

1. Bulls - Derrick Rose, PG

Rose has shown he can be a good player on and off the court, and the Bulls would feel Rose is the right move in the direction they want to go. Tyrus Thomas, if he gets the right coach, can be a reliable threat.

Nocioni, Deng, and Noah are all rising forwards in this league. Hinrich has done a solid job, but he is not the PG the Bulls want to lead the team. They need a point guard to lead them and set up the other great athletes they have. Expect Hinrich to get traded.

2. Heat: Michael Beasley, SF/PF

I think Beasley will be a SF in the NBA. This way, I expect Marion to leave and the Heat will move in the direction of Wade and Beasley combination. Riley likes Haslem, so that will keep him as a PF. Wade and Beasley could be a Jordan-Pippen combo. They need a center but this is a good way to go.

3. Timberwolves: O.J. Mayo, PG/SG

The more I look at it, the Wolves look like they will go for Mayo. They need a player that will sell tickets, since KG was traded, and Mayo is a player that can create his own offense and help lead the Wolves.

The combination of Foye and Mayo will give this back court have a really bright future. Brook Lopez fits in well next to Al Jefferson, but they can manage to get a big man later in the draft or by free agency. Mayo is too good to pass up on. This will also add depth to the roster as McCants can come off the bench.

4. Sonics - D.J. Augustin, PG

This will be the surprising pick early on in the draft. Augustin, before his injury, was considered the top PG in the country. He needs to develop physically and needs to develop his skills, but is a good playmaker and can shoot.

He is really quick and can drive to the hoop well. He will be able to set up Durant. Augustin, Durant, Green, Wilcox, and Petro will be a solid lineup for them for the future. Augustin is the scorer and set up man the Sonics need.

Jaryd Bayless has the athleticism and size, but is not as much as a playmaker as Augustin, making him not fit in as well with the Sonics. Workouts will point this out.

5. Grizzlies: Anthony Randolph, PF

The Grizzlies need a big man, and Randolph has the physical tools to be a Chris Bosh or a Lamar Odom type of player. He and Rudy Gay will be a threat as forwards. Brook Lopez will fit in here, but their system is of the "old" Suns as run 'n' gun. Randolph will fit in with what they want to do. They have many draft picks to land a good big man.

6. Knicks: Jerryd Bayless, PG

He has the size and talent to fit in well under D'Antoni's system. He can be a player like Gilbert Arenas. He and Crawford will make a solid back court as they both will be a threat for scoring. The Knicks cannot pass up on talent like this.

7. Clippers: Eric Gordon, PG/SG

Livingston is expected to come back and looks healthy alongside Elton Brand. Maggette is expected to leave, and they need a player who can shoot the ball and get to the basket. Gordon does all of this. Before his wrist injury, he was considered the best player in the country. I think he will make the most impact of any rookie. He will be a perfect fit in LA as they will push to make the playoffs.

8. Bucks: Danilo Gallinari, SF

He is an NBA ready player who is a point foward. He is 6-foot-10 and plays like a  point guard. With Mo Williams, Redd, Yi, and Bogut, the Bucks will have inside and a deadly outside threat. With coach Skiles bringing in defensive mentality, the Bucks may get back to the playoffs.

9. Bobcats: Brook Lopez, C

They need a center so Okafur can play his true position as a PF. Larry Brown will get this team into the playoffs. With Richardson, Wallace, and Felton along with a deep bench, this team will have a low post threat to go along with its dynamic backcourt. Lopez is smart and is ready to make an impact.

10. Nets: Darrell Arthur, PF

With Harris, Carter, Jefferson, and Boone showing promise, they need a combo foward who can be a scorer in Arthur. He is NBA-ready and can help the Nets get back to the playoffs. He is going to be a Antonio McDyess-type of player who can spread the floor for the Nets.

11. Pacers: Russell Westbrook, PG/SG

The most athletic player in the draft that is NBA ready. He can play really good defense and has the upside to be a star. This would be a steal. He is the right player to put with Dunleavy and Granger on their rebuilding process. This team will have a bright future and if they keep Tinsley and O'Neal, they will be a playoff team.

12. Kings: Kevin Love, PF

He has the talent, but not the athleticism needed in the NBA. He is NBA-ready offensively I think, but defensively will not be able to cover NBA power forwards. He has to run and be physical, which scouts will come to realize he will not be able to do so as much. He will fall here and the Kings will have to take a chance here. He and Spencer Hawes will be a solid frontcourt for the future.

13. Blazers: Donte Greene, SF

He has the tools to be a legit NBA forward. He can shoot and has the athleticism of turning into a star. He has raw talent and needs to develop, but the Blazers can use him as they are headed towards the brightest future in the NBA.

14. Warriors: DeAndre Jordan, C

His draft stock has dropped, which is why he might return to college, but if he stays, this is a must pick. He has talent to be a Dwight Howard, but is a risk. He can develop with the Warriors and be a future big man. They need a future to look forward to as they have a player who can be there 2-3 years from now. Better hope he is no Patrick O'Bryant.

15. Suns: Brandon Rush, SG

He was considered to be a top 10 pick a year ago. He has the experience, athleticism, and shooting ability to be a reliable source off the bench. He can make an impact in the NBA, as he is NBA-ready. I expect him to fit in well here as the Suns look to win the West next season.

16. 76ers: Marreese Speights, PF

The 76ers are looking to get Elton Brand, but if they do not, Speights has tools to be better than Al Horford. I think he is NBA-ready physically, but needs some development. He will give the 76ers a really bright future.

17. Raptors: Joe Alexander, SF/PF

He has size, athleticism, and can shoot. He reminds me of Shaun Marion. He can really be a good scorer and a solid defender. He really was impressive last year  and will make an impact in the NBA. He will be a solid SF next to Bosh. They need a Robin Lopez but can try to get a center via free agency or get Nathan Jawai in the second round.

18. Wizards: Kosta Koufos, C

May need development, but as a player can be like Okur. He can spread the floor and has tools where he can make passes and score. A solid player to back up Haywood and eventually take the starting job.

19. Cavaliers: Bill Walker, SG

A Top Five pick coming out of high school, but his injury hurt his stock. He really had a solid season last year, but Beasley stole the show. In his workouts he has shown he has his explosiveness back. He is a Vince Carter of player. This has the potential to be the biggest steal in the draft due to his upside.  LeBron needs another star type of player next to him, and Walker is that player.

20. Nuggets: Ty Lawson, PG

Already rumored to be guaranteed to be drafted by them, Lawson will make an impact as he is the fastest player in the draft. He can keep the ball out of A.I.'s hands and run the floor. He is a good passer and can be a solid PG in the NBA. He is what the Nuggets need.

21. Nets: Chase Budinger, SG/SF

Another Top 10 potential, but after a poor season under new coach, his stock has dropped. Has the athleticism and shooting ability to be a solid pro. He will make an impact if the Nets decide to trade Jefferson.

22. Magic: Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG

He may have been the real star of the Memphis Tigers, as he was consistent as a scorer and defended really well. He will come in and start with the Magic as he is NBA ready. I think he is a sleeper. With a playoff team, he will make an impact.

23. Jazz: Roy Hibbert, C

Fits in with what the Jazz do better than any one else in the draft. Best passing big man who can also shoot. Is a Ilguaskas type of player. He can come off the bench and play 20 minutes, while making an impact. The pick and roll system Sloan has will make him fit well. He played the Princeton offense well, and he will make an impact for the Jazz.

24. Sonics: JaVale McGee, C

Needs to develop and with the Sonics rebuilding, he will fit in. Can be an Andrew Bynum-type of player or can be a bust like Patrick O'Bryant. They can take this risk.

25. Rockets: Nicolas Batum, SG

A Rudy Gay type of player who can come off the bench and make an impact. Has Top 10 talent so he is a player the Rockets can't pass up.

26. Spurs: Serge Ibaka, PF

Another international talent they can let develop overseas and come in later. He is a really raw talent, but has the physical tools to be a Top 10 pick.

27. Hornets: Courtney Lee, SG

Has the body and abilities to come in and develop into a solid SG. He is an upgrade and can start for them eventually.

28. Grizzlies: Jason Thompson, C

A fluid big man who really impressed me when I saw him play. He dominated bad teams, but he has the tools to be a legit big man in the NBA. I really like him and think he can run and start with the Grizzlies next season. Upgrade over Darko Milicic.

29. Pistons: J.J. Hickson, PF

Has the physical talent and scoring ability to make an impact in the NBA. Next to Maxiell, the Pistons will have a bright future with their frontcourt.

30. Celtics: DeVon Hardin, C

Has the physical tools and impressed a lot of scouts in camp. They need a real center behind Perkins, and this is a really good player to get. Better than a Robin Lopez because of the upside he can have.


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