Dolph Ziggler and 8 WWE Stars Who Shouldn't Be on the Roster in 2 Years

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistJune 10, 2018

Dolph Ziggler and 8 WWE Stars Who Shouldn't Be on the Roster in 2 Years

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    Few people can make it into WWE, and even fewer can stick around.

    Between the harsh road, the injuries, the politics and the constant need to remain popular, relevant and worth your paycheck, it's tough to know how long your dream job as a WWE Superstar will last.

    Today's roster is chock-full of talented men and women, but if we look ahead, some stand out as being on borrowed time.

    Keeping in mind that this isn't a wish list, let's take a look at the performers who shouldn't be on the WWE roster in two years and why they could soon leave the company.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler is still arguably in his prime, but that hasn't been reflected in his performances for far too long.

    It's been a while since he's given off the impression he's anything but frustrated and tired, repeatedly cutting the same promos about not being treated as well as he deserves to be.

    It appears Ziggler feels undervalued and unappreciated by both WWE management and the promotion's fans.

    You can tell his heart isn't in it anymore, and he's acting excited instead of being excited, even alongside Drew McIntyre.

    Ziggler told WSVN's Chris Van Vliet that his contract is up soon (via WrestlingInc). He should take some time away to recharge his batteries, and not just for a few months but maybe a couple of years.

    The Showoff has other hobbies, such as stand-up comedy, acting and politics, so he could keep himself busy.

    Similar to how Chris Jericho operates, Ziggler could balance those out with the occasional appearance for a company like New Japan Pro-Wrestling or Ring of Honor if he needs to scratch that wrestling itch and keep his name lingering in the business.

    This could not only allow him to build a better reputation but also heal any nagging injuries with a lighter schedule, have more fun and freedom with his matches and make the WWE Universe miss him.

    Then, when both sides are ready to join forces again, he could re-emerge in WWE as a bigger star than he is now.

Big Show

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    Few wrestlers from the Attitude Era are still around, with Big Show one of the most tenured members of the roster.

    Come February, he will have been with WWE for 20 years, with another four in the business from his time in WCW.

    Throughout his storied career, he's done everything there is to do, and he has nothing left to achieve.

    Anything he hasn't already done is unrealistic to ever happen—such as winning the Cruiserweight Championship—so there aren't any achievable goals to strive for or to motivate him to continue his career.

    Even when it comes to feuds, he would just be used to put people over, and he's already anointed his successor in Braun Strowman multiple times.

    He can't be in the ring forever, and wrestling in feuds that don't have a lot of fanfare to them isn't worth the injuries that have been racking up.

    Big Show is a legend, a surefire Hall of Famer and someone who should remain in the WWE family for his entire life. But he should be more of an ambassador than a traveling roster member.

    On the most recent edition of Raw, he filled that exact role when he hosted a promotional segment about the Special Olympics.

    From time to time, he could come in for more physical guest spots and knockout punches—just like every other legend does—along with working behind the scenes.

    With a talent pool of in-ring performers who are younger, healthier and have their whole careers ahead of them, Big Show isn't needed to fill any gaps and should transition into a relaxing retirement.


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    Nearly everything said about Big Show applies to Kane, along with the extra bonus of his political career.

    Glenn Jacobs recently won a Republican primary, and if the general election follows suit, he will soon be the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

    If that happens, there won't be any time for chokeslamming people on Monday Night Raw.

    Even if he doesn't win, his political involvement could still take precedence over his wrestling career.

    Most people have much shorter careers and accomplish much less than Kane, so he's already worthy of a Hall of Fame induction.

    That ceremony may be one of the only things worth coming back to WWE for unless he's up for a rare cameo now and again.

    In any case, Kane's time as a regular performer on the roster seems finished. And in two years, he will likely be even more removed from the WWE Universe.


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    Like Big Show and Kane, Rhyno is a product of a different era, and the clock is ticking on his career.

    Also like Kane, he tried his hand in politics. He ran for the Michigan House of Representatives—something he may want to do again in the future.

    It isn't as though he has anything noteworthy going on in WWE to motivate him to stick around, either.

    Since being paired with Heath Slater in 2016, his role has been that of a comedic jobber who's good for some laughs here and there but nothing more.

    It's unlikely those two will have another tag team title run—especially not one that wouldn't just be played for laughs—and Rhyno's chances of a singles title win are even slimmer.

    In two years, there will be even less of a reason for him to be on the roster because his best days will be even further behind him.

    Rhyno seems great as a veteran who could point newer talent in the right direction, yet he's outlasted his usefulness as a member of the touring main roster and should focus on being a trainer or something else along those lines instead.

The Ascension

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    The Ascension peaked in NXT and have amounted to nothing on the main roster since being called up in 2014.

    In all this time, they have largely been booked to lose on Main Event or not show up on television at all.

    Being supporting players in The Fashion Files even stopped paying off, so Konnor and Viktor are back to doing nothing.

    Come 2020, it's hard to imagine the pair won't have called it quits out of frustration or been released.

    They don't have a big fan following that would be upset if they were let go or have the lineage and credibility to put other stars over.

    In all this time, WWE hasn't even tried to repackage them as a last-ditch attempt to squeeze out some value, which may be the best indicator that the WWE Creative team doesn't want to invest any effort in them.

    This track record of only showing up on television to lose is pointless, so it's folly to think they will still be on the roster in two years' time.

The Colons

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    While The Colons have at least had a tag title run on the main roster, they aren't too far off from how The Ascension have looked.

    Primo's peak was the start of his WWE career alongside Carlito back in 2008, with little value shown by these past 10 years and his time with Epico.

    Whether they were themselves, working with Rosa Mendes, under masks as Los Matadores or giving out pamphlets like travel agents, nothing has worked.

    For this past year, injuries have prevented them from doing anything except make a few sporadic appearances, mostly in a losing effort.

    It wouldn't be surprising if they quit or were released this year, so it's absurd to think they will still be around two years from now.

    After a decade of treading water, The Colons should take their exits from WWE and consider dedicating themselves to the family business, World Wrestling Council, like Carlito.

Dana Brooke

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    Dana Brooke's current gimmick is the statistician of Titus Worldwide, and if you run the numbers, that isn't going to amount to anything.

    In NXT, Brooke was someone with a good look, impressive athleticism and the potential to go somewhere once she learned her way around the mat, but that was three years ago.

    Since then, nearly all of her attributes have either seen little to no improvement or have regressed, which isn't a good sign.

    If you read between the lines, you can see how little WWE cares about Brooke by how she's perpetually left out of the mix.

    For instance, even though the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal was guaranteed to feature all of the women on Raw and SmackDown Live who weren't injured or otherwise booked, her name wasn't announced for it until two days prior to the event.

    It's even more pitiful knowing that the announcement came from Cathy Kelley's WWE Now show, as if the company forgot about Brooke until the last minute.

    When WWE remembers to do something with her, she's either standing next to Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews or losing in the ring.

    Sadly, there seems to be no viable future for Brooke in WWE, so she would be better off dedicating herself to her fitness career rather than trying to turn around her prospects in wrestling.

    She's still young, and it's better to quit now and start the next chapter of her life than to wake up in 2020 and be in, at best, the same position she's currently in.

    Like most everyone else on this list, she's made fans for life who will follow her in whatever future endeavors she pursues, but she shouldn't bother having a role in WWE much longer.


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