NBA 2K League 2018 Draft Results: Full Selections and Rosters

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistApril 4, 2018

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, left, poses for photographs with the number 1 overall pick, Artreyo Boyd, at the NBA 2K League draft Wednesday, April 4, 2018, in New York. Launching in 2018, the league will feature the best NBA 2K players in the world and will draft players to compete as unique characters in 5-on-5 play against the other teams in a mix of regular-season games, tournaments and playoffs. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
Frank Franklin II/Associated Press

History was made on Wednesday with the NBA 2K League holding its first-ever draft, headlined by Artreyo Boyd being selected No. 1 overall by Mavs Gaming. 

The league, which is a joint promotion between the NBA and 2K Sports, was first announced in May 2017. 

Each team will be made up of six players for a total of 102 draft picks, with the full list of choices below, via NBA.2K.com:

1st Round

1. Mavs Gaming: Dimez (Artreyo Boyd)

2. Celtics Crossover Gaming: oFAB (Albano Thomallari)

3. Jazz Gaming: Yeah I Compete (Shaka Browne)

4. Kings Guard Gaming: Mootyy (Mitchell Franklin)

5. Pistons GT: Lets Get it Ramo (Ramo Radoncic)

6. Blazer5 Gaming: OneWildWalnut (Dayne Downey)

7. Heat Check Gaming: Hotshot (Juan Gonzalez)

8. Magic Gaming: KontruL (Christopher Cantrell)

9. Knicks Gaming: GOOFY757 (Dayvon Curry)

10. Bucks Gaming: DRAKE GRIFFIN (Aaron Rookwood)

11. Raptors Uprising GC: Kenny (Kenneth Hailey)

12. Wizards District Gaming: Fresh Prince JT (Johnathon Fields)

13. Pacers Gaming: WoLF (Bryant Colon)

14. 76ers GC: Radiant (Ethan White)

15. Grizz Gaming: Winner_Stayz_On (Larell Mitchell)

16. Cavs Legion GC: Hood Is Glitchy (Brandon Caicedo)

17. Warriors Gaming Squad: Shawn_Win (Trong Nguyen)


2nd Round

18. Warriors Gaming Squad: Bsmoove (Alexander Reese)

19. Cavs Legion GC: Sick x 973 (Gerald Knapp)

20. Grizz Gaming: AuthenticAfrican (Mehyar Ahmed-Hassan)

21. 76ers GC: Newdini33 (Antonio Newman)

22. Pacers Gaming: Swizurk (Nicolas Grech)

23. Wizards District Gaming: Shump (Austin Painter)

24. Raptors Uprising GC: Detoxys (Christopher Doyle)

25. Bucks Gaming: oLARRY (Timothy Anselimo)

26. Knicks Gaming: NateKahl (Nate Kahl)

27. Magic Gaming: UCMANNY (Emmanuel Cruz)

28. Heat Check Gaming: Majes7ic (Stanley Lebron)

29. Blazer5 Gaming: Mama Im Dat Man (Nidal Nasser)

30. Pistons GT: iiNsaniTTy (Kris Dellarciprete)

31. Kings Guard Gaming: worthingcolt (Jhade Black)

32. Jazz Gaming: MrSlaughter01 (Malik Leisinger)

33. Celtics Crossover Gaming: ARS0NAL x (Devon Peek)

34. Mavs Gaming: Dayfri (Ryan Conger) 


3rd Round

35. Mavs Gaming: JLB (Jannis Neumann)

36. Celtics Crossover Gaming: Melo East (Ahmed Kasana)

37. Jazz Gaming: Deedz (DeMar Butler)

38. Kings Guard Gaming: Timelycook (Eric Donald)

39. Pistons GT: ixsplashkingxi (Rochell Woods)

40. Blazer5 Gaming: Dat Boy Shotz (Connor Rodrigues)

41. Heat Check Gaming: l 24k Dropoff l (Basil Rose)

42. Magic Gaming: SUPREME PULLER (Bilal Almashni)

43. Knicks Gaming: YEYNotGaming (Eric Ward)

44. Bucks Gaming: Procis1on (Jacob Walls)

45. Raptors Uprising GC: Kobeyusuf (Yusuf Abdulla)

46. Wizards District Gaming: ReeseDaGod23 (Maurice Delaney)

47. Pacers Gaming: JordanLocksUp (Tucker Henry)

48. 76ers GC: iFEAST (Mihad Feratovic)

49. Grizz Gaming: AyeTHREAT (Troy Minott II)

50. Cavs Legion GC: Godddof2k (Marcus Glenn)

51. Warriors Gaming Squad: LeVert (Jordan Gates)


4th Round

52. Warriors Gaming Squad: Type (Xavier Vescovi)

53. Cavs Legion GC: iBall x ToXsiK (Brandon Raudenbush)

54. Grizz Gaming: UniversalPhenom (Antonio Saldivar)

55. 76ers GC: Steez (Alexander Bernstein)

56. Pacers Gaming: vGooner (Jamie Bull)

57. Wizards District Gaming: Jinsanity (Jin Choe)

58. Raptors Uprising GC: All Hail Trey (Trevion Hendrix)

59. Bucks Gaming: XxSTL2LAxX (Mark Hampton Jr.)

60. Knicks Gaming: iamadamthe1st (Adam Kudeimati)

61. Magic Gaming: NachoTraynor (Brian Traynor)

62. Heat Check Gaming: sharpshooterlos (Carlos Zayas-Diaz)

63. Blazer5 Gaming: Lavish_phenom (Andron Thomas)

64. Pistons GT: NeNe (Matt Rux)

65. Kings Guard Gaming: Safiya4ya (Shane Farrar)

66. Jazz Gaming: Tifeworld (Delano Allsup Jr.)

67. Celtics Crossover Gaming: Fusion (Alex Snowden)

68. Mavs Gaming: BallLikeSeem (Waseem Talbert)


5th Round

69. Mavs Gaming: Devillon (Ryan de Villon)

70. Celtics Crossover Gaming: Speedbrook (Thomas Genaj)

71. Jazz Gaming: | 24k JSmoove | (Jaishon Scott)

72. Kings Guard Gaming: cowboyxcollazo (Christian Collazo)

73. Pistons GT: Im So Far Ahead (Fred Mendoza)

74. Blazer5 Gaming: GRANT MONSTER (Grant Barker)

75. Heat Check Gaming: Jalen03303 (Jalen Jones)

76. Magic Gaming: marley213s (Jorge Renteria)  

77. Knicks Gaming: Idrisdagoat6 (Idris Richardson)

78. Bucks Gaming: KinG PeroXide (Matthew Hofmann)

79. Raptors Uprising GC: TsJosh (Joshua McKenna)

80. Wizards District Gaming: xGreatxGilly13 (Isaac Gilton)

81. Pacers Gaming: FrostytheTruth (George Polk)

82. 76ers GC: xTFr3sHxX (Tilton Curry)

83. Grizz Gaming: PHENOM vv (Bono Nikolic)

84. Cavs Legion GC: TURNUPDEFENSE (Christopher Anderson)

85. Warriors Gaming Squad: Promeister (Cody Hart)


6th Round

86. Warriors Gaming Squad: EatSleepHoop15 (Wallace Williams III)

87. Cavs Legion GC: SavageDoWerk (Christopher Tracey)

88. Grizz Gaming: DDouble2K (Daniel Davis)

89. 76ers GC: ZDS (Rashann Petty)

90. Pacers Gaming: The Playa (Samuel Beniaminian)

91. Wizards District Gaming: Doom (Evan Hinsch)

92. Raptors Uprising GC: KingQuai614 (Seanquai Harris)

93. Bucks Gaming: BigBaby2k (Jovan Tenner)

94. Knicks Gaming: xKPMR (Marc Rodriguez)

95. Magic Gaming: KingCamRoyalty  (Cameron Ford)

96. Heat Check Gaming: HyPeR iS Pro (Rahmel Wilkins)

97. Blazers Gaming: Jomar12 PR (Jomar Varela-Escapa)

98. Pistons GT: JosephTheTruth (Joseph Marrero)

99. Kings Guard Gaming: ColeWorld2K (Cole Motta)

100. Jazz Gaming: Stambreezy (Michael Stam)

101. Celtics Crossover Gaming: PalmOilPlease (Mhabhusah Koffa)

102. Mavs Gaming: HazzaUK2K (Harry Hurst)


As part of the NBA's investment in the NBA 2K League, commissioner Adam Silver attended the draft in New York to announce the first pick.

NBA2KLeague @NBA2KLeague

Adam Silver & the #1 pick in the 2018 #NBA2KLeague Draft, Dimez! https://t.co/Vpfu59svSo

Naturally, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski got the scoop for the first pick, just like he does for the NBA draft:

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn

Mavs Gaming will select Artreyo Boyd, aka Dimez, as the No. 1 overall pick in the inaugural NBA2K Draft, league source tells ESPN. Draft starts soon, with Commissioner Adam Silver at the podium.

No one can ever say Wojnarowski isn't amazing at his job and fully dedicated to making sure everyone gets all of the information he is privy to. 

Speaking about the league before the draft began, Silver noted he liked the potential to bring new athletes into the NBA. 

"What's so exciting today is we'll be welcoming a new generation of athletes, of NBA players, into this league," he said, via USA Today's Charles Curtis. "That sense of renewal, that sort of sense of the birthing of the whole process is what makes us excited."

Per ESPN's Darren Rovell, Silver noted at the start of the draft that the NBA is treating the 2K League as its fourth league, which also includes the WNBA and G League. 

A total of 17 NBA teams are participating in the esports league and qualifying took place in January, with players needing to win 50 games in NBA 2K18's Pro-Am mode featuring five-on-five matches involving custom-made characters. 

The season will take place over the course of three months from May through August with a total prize payout of $1 million, including $35,000 for first-round draft picks.