WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 27

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2017

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 27

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Adam Cole made his much-anticipated in-ring debut Wednesday night, battling Eric Young in a star-studded main event.

    The match headlined a show that steadily built up several stars, including Lars Sullivan, Heavy Machinery, Liv Morgan and the debuting Fabian Aichner.

    In the main event, Cole picked up his first televised victory and continued to establish The Undisputed Era as the lead heel stable in NXT.

    That will be key in the weeks and months to come as the brand utilizes the vast wealth of talent at its disposal to continue delivering quality shows, matches and storylines, the likes of which fans were exposed to Wednesday night on WWE Network.

Lars Sullivan vs. Oney Lorcan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The unstoppable Lars Sullivan kicked off the in-ring portion of this week's broadcast, squaring off with the buzzsaw that is Oney Lorcan.

    The Boston native fought Sullivan hard, grabbing a headlock and catching him with a dropkick. He followed with a forearm and a running uppercut that seemed to stun Sullivan.

    A tope landed him in the waiting arms of his opponent, who dropped the much smaller Lorcan face- and sternum-first across the ring apron.

    Lorcan continued to fight, though, unloading on Sullivan with a series of hard open-handed slaps about the face and body. Another running uppercut followed, but Sullivan obliterated him with a lariat and then slammed him to the mat for the impressive victory.



    Lars Sullivan defeated Oney Lorcan






    Lorcan's penchant for stiff, hard-hitting offense is well-known. That he was able to fire off the strikes he did, only for his opponent to essentially shake them off and flatten him with that jaw-dropping lariat, demonstrates the toughness and seemingly unshakable dominance of Sullivan.

    The big man looked like a beast as he steamrolled his way to a victory, and he should figure heavily in the future of the brand.

    Most interesting was Danny Burch coming to the aid of Lorcan, with whom he had several bone-crushing matches.

    Perhaps a new tag team is on the horizon?

Heavy Machinery vs. Demitrius Bronson and Patrick Scott

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight were once again in action Wednesday night, looking to improve upon their already impressive win-loss record. Their opponents, relative unknowns, were outmatched from the beginning.

    The charismatic big men overwhelmed their opponents, utilizing a series of double-team maneuvers.

    The squash concluded with Heavy Machinery delivering The Compactor for the pinfall victory.



    Heavy Machinery defeated Demitrius Bronson and Patrick Scott






    Heavy Machinery's squashes are fun and energetic, but we have reached the point where it feels like Dozovic and Knight should be doing more than they currently are.

    At some point, they must move on to something more meaningful or risk falling into repetition and a state of boredom.

Liv Morgan vs. Vanessa Borne

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    The opportunity to compete for the vacant NXT Women's Championship fueled Liv Morgan and Vanessa Borne as they battled in singles competition.

    The New Jersey native and the former Arizona Cardinals cheerleader may not have had much exposure on television, but they battled in a high-stakes atmosphere Wednesday.

    An intense lockup started the match, followed by a bridge spot. Morgan took control early, delivering a leg drop to the back of her opponent's head. Borne, relatively unfazed, made her pay for it with a series of forearms about the back and a beautiful snap suplex.

    The physical Borne controlled the match, but Morgan exploded back into the fight with a fiery comeback.

    She delivered a double stomp, followed by a running bulldog and a double knee to the face for the win.



    Liv Morgan defeated Vanessa Borne






    This was a showcase for Morgan, who appears more confident than ever between the ropes.

    Her babyface comeback late was fantastic and her finisher is a different, effective take on Chris Jericho's Codebreaker.

    While she does not have the resume of former independent stars such as Ember Moon, Nikki Cross or Ruby Riot, she does have the aura of a potential star for WWE in the long term.

    Borne looks impressive in limited action, especially when she turns up the intensity and meanness. With that said, she is still relatively new and a step behind Morgan in her development. She will be a good addition to a loaded women's division in years to come, though.

Kassius Ohno vs. Fabian Aichner

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    Fabian Aichner made his NXT debut Wednesday night, squaring off with trusted veteran Kassius Ohno, who was fresh off a high-profile win over Hideo Itami.

    He was impressive early, catching Ohno with a big backbreaker. He talked trash, caught Ohno with a powerslam and nearly scored the upset victory.

    He tried a double springboard moonsault, but Ohno rolled out of the way. A running elbow by Ohno and a shotgun kick preceded a cravat suplex.

    The cyclone kick put Aichner down for the count, earning Ohno another impressive win.



    Kassius Ohno defeated Fabian Aichner






    Ohno made Aichner look like a million bucks Wednesday, but the Italian more than held up his end of the bargain, delivering a phenomenal performance that suggests NXT may have a legitimate star on its hands.

    He was hard-hitting, intense and every bit Ohno's equal.

    The right man went over but do not be surprised if, one day, Aichner is beating guys such as Ohno on a regular basis.

    Maybe even sooner than later.

Eric Young vs. Adam Cole

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    Adam Cole made his in-ring debut Wednesday, battling Eric Young in a star-studded main event.

    He demanded the fans close their eyes and feel the electricityor, more specifically, a shock to the system. "We are untouchable. We are unstoppable. And we...are undisputed. This is our era," he said before tossing the microphone down.

    Cole controlled the majority of the first half of Wednesday's match, working Young over with a basic attack focused on the head and neck. However, a belly-to-back suplex allowed the former TNA world champion to get back in the match.

    A discus clothesline and neckbreaker had Young rolling. An attempt by Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly at interference led to a brawl at ringside with Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe. Young took his eyes off of Cole and dove on to the pile at ringside.

    When he re-entered the squared circle, he suffered a Shining Wizard that allowed Cole to pick up his first victory in NXT.



    Adam Cole defeated Eric Young






    This was a solid enough match but felt more like the latest chapter in a rivalry than a glorious introduction to a performer fans may not be familiar with.

    With that said, Cole won in a manner that makes him look like the ringleader of the biggest heels in the promotion and, at this point, that is exactly what he needs. He out-thought his opponent, seized an opportunity and scored the victory with a little help from his friends.

    The NXT faithful are already treating Cole like a major star and that will be beneficial going forward, as the brand prepares to build around him.