Unlikely Brothers: Devon Gales and Marshall Morgan Find Friendship in Tragedy

B/R Video@@bleacherreportB/R VideoSeptember 26, 2017

Two years ago, a brotherhood was formed and bond was forged when Southern University played the University of Georgia.

Late in the third quarter of a 48-6 game, Georgia's Marshall Morgan collided with Devon Gales of Southern.

Gales was left paralyzed on the Sanford Stadium turf, and Morgan was left with a heavy burden of guilt.

But this isn't your typical sob story. The two players have remained in close contact, building a friendship, a brotherhood even, that nobody could have predicted.

Watch their story of forgiveness, faith and friendship in this piece by Bleacher Report Productions.

Special Thanks:
University of Georgia
Southern University
Miami University
Shepherd Center
Gales Family
Morgan Family

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