Breaking Down WWE's Most Controversial and Shocking Stories for Week of Aug. 11

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2017

Breaking Down WWE's Most Controversial and Shocking Stories for Week of Aug. 11

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    As WWE wraps up its latest leg in Bizarro World, otherwise known as Canada, it is not without its share of mouthwatering stories that implicate everyone from Brock Lesnar to Enzo Amore. 

    From legal drama to a possible talent exchange between WWE and UFC, there are endless storylines both in and out of the ring that have made WWE even more interesting as its summer viewership rebound continues. 

Enzo Amore: Biggest Lightning Rod in the Room?

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    Despite appearing in multiple main event segments in the midst of Raw's recent ratings surge, Enzo Amore continues to be the subject of vaunted backstage heat reports.

    Further details of Amore's exile from the WWE locker room were recently reported by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated (h/t WrestlingInc). It has also been reported that Amore was kicked off the WWE tour bus when he disrespected the wrestling business during a loud phone conversation.

    Despite his undeniable popularity, Amore has been booked like a heel as he continues to antagonize Big Cass while hiding behind The Big Show, who is acting as his hired gun.

    Enzo is now set to be suspended in a shark tank above the ring, and if you read into Kurt Angle's "I hope Enzo's not afraid of heights" comments, it wouldn't be a surprise if WWE is exploiting his real-life fear of heights as part of an ongoing punishment.

Jon Jones: Thought of Showing Up at WWE SummerSlam "Crossed My Mind"

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    Rumblings of a Jon Jones-Brock Lesnar superfight continue to heat up as Jones recently mentioned on Twitter that showing up at SummerSlam "crossed [his] mind" at one point. With Lesnar set to leave WWE should he lose, it's also possible that a temporary banishment for The Beast could set the wheels in motion for Lesnar to train for the potential dream bout.

    WWE continues to join in on the promotional machine with an article on in addition to a Bones-Lesnar mention on Cathy Kelly's recent social media news update on WWE's YouTube channel.

    Should Lesnar and Jones cross paths in an Octagon before Lesnar's WWE contract is up, WWE will hopefully get more out of yet another loan to UFC than a commercial on UFC programming.

To Break or Not to Break?

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    Though The Hardy Boyz were off WWE television due to Jeff Hardy's past felony drug charges, they continued to make waves out of the ring as both WWE and GFW reportedly assigned trademark lawyers to the case of the Broken Hardys, per PWInsider (h/t WrestlingInc).

    Last time we saw the Hardy Boyz, they performed a fully in-character promo but as the "Woken" Hardys, which seems to be their latest attempt to get around all the legal red tape that comes with Broken Brilliance.

    It's unknown whether this slight tweak will be enough to finally move on from what has become a pesky and petty back-and-forth between the Hardy Boyz and GFW. Between WWE's condoning of the "Woken" gimmick and assigning trademark lawyers, it's evident that the promotion is interested in Broken Brilliance despite emails to GFW President Ed Nordholm suggesting otherwise, per Barrasso of Sports Illustrated.  

Booing Bayley

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    Canada went all Canada on Bayley as the former NXT and Raw women's champion inexplicably addressed a handful of boos, which predictably turned into a sea of them.

    Bayley, who was at her most vulnerable by forfeiting her match against Alexa Bliss with her shoulder in a sling, very well may have had her worst moment on the main roster despite months of abysmal booking.

    Reactions from Canada, often dubbed Bizarro World for its tendencies to go off script, are like wins and losses in the NFL preseason in that they really don't mean anything.

    Still, the boos were a combination of Canadian fans living up to their obnoxious tendencies in addition to frustration from WWE fans for Bayley's tough sledding as of late.

    WWE now appears to be moving forward with a program between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks, though there is still the outside chance of Nia Jax finally getting her one-on-one opportunity for Bliss' Raw Women's Championship.

    Bayley was always seen as the one can't-miss prospect for the main roster due to her overwhelming popularity in NXT. But if there's one glaring storyline for the first half of 2017, it has been the modest rise and violent collapse of Bayley. 

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