Grading the Best/Worst Athlete Logos

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2016

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Winning a championship is always the ultimate team goal, but when a superstar athlete reaches a level where a big-time company comes to him with a signature sneaker or clothing line, that's when he knows he's made it.

After growing up idolizing Michael Jordan and snatching up every pair of Air Jordans I could, many athletes wish for the day that a company designs a logo just for them.

And with a bunch of different players having their own brand, it's only right to grade the best and worst of them all.


Russell Wilson

One of the newest athletes to get their own logo, the one-time Super Bowl champ has shown to be great both on and off the field, making the decision from Nike to give Russell Wilson an individual logo an easy one.

That doesn't mean that they knocked it out of the park, though, as Wilson's logo has some good elements to it—like the disguised "R" blended in with his No. 3—but, for the most part, it's not all that great.

Grade: B-


Darrelle Revis

Now this is one that should be used more, as New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis' personalized logo is one that is so dope.

Much like the aforementioned Russell Wilson logo—and others you'll see on this list—Revis' Nike logo has hidden numbers and letters in it, making it one that requires a little bit more attention.

Grade: A


Tom Brady

Four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is one of the biggest athletes on the planet, so it's only natural that Under Armour made him a staple in their athlete lineup, designing this customized logo for him.

With both his initials, "TB," and his No. 12 mixed into the lettering, it's pretty cool. However, it looks more like something that would be done on clip art than by a top-tier sports brand—although the font is fairly cool thanks to the angle.

Grade: C

Kevin Durant

Jim Mone/Associated Press

Maybe it's the font that does it for me on newly signed Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant, because the logo that Nike gave him is actually really cool to look at.

Incorporating his initials into it, the incomplete letter "K" with the bubble "D"—all in lowercase—gives his apparel an interesting look. I'm a fan, especially since it's so unappealing and simple.

Grade: A-


LeBron James

In addition to leading his hometown team to its first NBA title in franchise history—and breaking the long-documented 52-year championship drought in Cleveland—LeBron James is also the owner of one of the coolest athlete logos around.

That's because, like the Air Jordan logo before him, Nike knocked it out of the ballpark by incorporating his nickname, King James, into the design.

With his initials, "LJ," in a crazy font that includes a crown on top, James' logo is on point!

Grade: A+


Bryce Harper

Without sounding cruel, the Bryce Harper design that Under Armour did for last year's NL MVP is, for lack of a better word, a strikeout.

It's simple, boring and doesn't provide anything that makes people think that the four-time All-Star happens to be one of the most exciting ballplayers in the past couple decades.

While it includes both his initials and No. 34, the font and color scheme are so unappealing.

Grade: D


J.J. Watt

A three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt has earned himself the opportunity to get a signature logo. And, the more I look at the one Reebok designed for him, the more I actually like it.

At first glance, it's sort of boring—appearing more like a flame than anything else, which wouldn't really make sense.

But with the double "Js" placed back-to-back and the hidden "W" mixed in, it's a nice, bold look. Not my favorite, but reliable nonetheless.

Grade: B


Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors two-time league MVP Stephen Curry is a menace on the basketball court, capable of hitting shots from spots other players wouldn't even dare shoot from, but the logo design on the kicks that he's balling in are a real air ball.

I can't tell if I'm about to watch SportsCenter or if Steph is wearing a customized shirt with the Under Armour logo on it.

Much like the aforementioned Harper logo, nowhere in Curry's does the exuberance and joy that he plays with come out, and that's a shame.

Grade: D-


Alex Ovechkin

Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin has had trouble making his mark during the postseason—never even reaching the conference finals in his career—yet he's still one of the most dynamic goal scorers in NHL history.

And while Ovie has yet to win anything of substance with the Caps, he can at least celebrate having one of the best athlete logos ever, with his Nike design scoring points like Ovechkin does on the ice.

There's no way to describe the design other than that it's cool, with his No. 8 weaved between an "O" that almost makes you say "Ovie" when you look at it.

Grade: A


Russell Westbrook

Sharp and classy, Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook has one of the most perfectly designed logos.

While Westbrook prides himself on his attire and wild outfits, his logo—which can be found on a range of items like glasses and cologne—is fairly conservative. That works well for him, though, so a really good job with this one.

Grade: B+


Tiger Woods

When you talk about the most iconic athlete logos, one has to mention the logo of 14-time major champion Tiger Woods, which is both sleek and appealing to look at.

Before a bunch of these logos had players' initials wrapped into them, Tiger's was one of the very first, starting a movement that has seen his brand grow tremendously in the time that he's been a professional.

One of the most recognizable in all of sports, Nike's design has lasted the test of time.

Grade: A


Kyrie Irving

Another Nike design for an up-and-coming baller, Kyrie Irving's design is OK, but it's nothing that really gets people excited unless paired with something else.

While it looks cool on the tongue of one of the Cleveland Cavaliers star's shoes, it doesn't carry much appeal if printed alone on a T-shirt.

In fact, it sort of resembles the Houston Rockets logo, which makes it a lot less unique.

Grade: B-


Greg Norman

An absolute classic, the logo designed for two-time major champion golfer Greg Norman is about as badass as you'll see in sports for a specific athlete.

Nicknamed "The Shark," the logo pays homage to that moniker, with Norman sporting clothing with the design on it anytime he steps out on the golf course—and even when just walking around town.

With an awesome color scheme, too, this is one of the all-time best.

Grade: A+


Roger Federer

Like his good friend Tiger Woods, 17-time Grand Slam singles champ Roger Federer sports an interesting and classy logo that was designed by Nike.

Given his sport and soft-spoken personality, Federer's logo suits him pretty well—especially when it's done with the gold accents.

With his initials, "RF," sewn together, the design screams wealth and success to me, which works well for Federer, given his record-breaking tennis career includes many of the same elements.

Grade: A-