Mariners Players Celebrate Their Roots with Fun Pregame Outfits

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2016

Nothing helps a team grow closer than getting a little crazy together.

For Seattle Mariners players, paying tribute to their roots with fun outfits was a good way not only to share a little bit about themselves, but also to have a special team-bonding experience.

As the team embarked on a five-game road trip, Mariners manager Scott Servais had his players wear outfits that represented who they are as people. Many of them took the opportunity to heart.

Mariners @Mariners

Looking good, guys. #GoMariners https://t.co/um0AqbZVog

Mariners @Mariners

Dress up day for the road trip. #Mariners wearing outfits representing where they're from. https://t.co/VloWS50Fal

Mariners @Mariners

Adam Lind and @SJohnson831 with some serious state pride. #GoMariners https://t.co/EWeI1rpaXJ

Mariners @Mariners

Dress up day isn't just for players. Add the #Mariners on Snapchat to see more. https://t.co/tI1bXUFl2u

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