A's Fan Loses Out on Foul Ball, Comes Away with Another Fan's Beer

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJune 1, 2016

While a game-used ball is pretty much the ultimate prize at a sporting event, a free drink ranks high on the list of things fans want most.

Because nobody likes spending $6-plus on a beverage. 

At the Oakland Athletics' 7-4 win over the Minnesota Twins at the Oakland Coliseum on Tuesday, two fans down the left field line battled for a Coco Crisp foul ball that got behind the tarp along the wall. The scrum was so intense that one of the fans went onto the field to give himself better positioning.

Despite the effort, that fan couldn't come up with the ball. He did not walk away empty-handed, however. The fan who got the ball left his beer behind the tarp, so the "losing" fan took it as a consolation prize.

The winning fan went from being hyped to salty when he realized what had happened.

And like with any good story, this one had a happy ending. As security removed the fan who went onto the playing field, the winning fan decided to give up the foul ball as a parting gift.

[MLB.com, h/t Fox Sports]


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