Bryce Harper Cuts Up Batting Gloves in Dugout so Nobody Can Sell Them on eBay

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2016

While Bryce Harper is focused on the action on the field during games, the Washington Nationals star is also aware of the world that we live in.

As in, when somebody sees a chance to make a quick buck, many people will jump at the opportunity. That's why the reigning National League Most Valuable Player takes the necessary measures to keep people from profiting off of him without his consent.

In the bottom of the sixth inning of Thursday night's game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Harper hit an absolute moonshot to the upper deck in right field. The blast snapped an 11-game homerless drought for the Nationals star.

It's important to note Harper crushed the ball without batting gloves. But then, strangely, he grabbed a pair of scissors when he got to the dugout after the 437-foot homer and started cutting up a pair of his gloves.

Per MLB.com's Jamal Collier (h/t Adrian Garro of MLB.com), Harper had a legitimate reason:

Nah, it's just so people don't sell them on eBay to tell you the truth. I always cut the batting gloves up and they're ripped on the top of the hand and had the bat boy come in and give me another pair and put them on and ripped them again. I guess the baseball gods don't want me to wear the batting gloves right now. I went up and hit a homer and came back and cut 'em up just so guys don't come out of the trash can and grab 'em and sell 'em. It's happened before, so cut 'em up now.

Harper has undoubtedly seen a lot of his gear and autographs online, whether he gave his consent or not. By taking these measures, he is doing what he can to limit the amount of collectibles available for people to try to sell on the Internet.

After all, that's not what sports are about.  



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