Sam Bradford: The Next Player The Cleveland Browns Ruin

Sam MarhulikContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

BALTIMORE - SEPTEMBER 27:  Brady Quinn #10 of the Cleveland Browns passes against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Browns 34-3. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Since their return to the league, the Cleveland Browns have lacked something that every team needs, stability at the quarterback position.

If you go through the list from Tim Couch all the way through Brady Quinn, one thing can be noticed, the teams inability to let a young player develop.

We have seen numerous instances when the coach pulled one guy in favor of another.

Butch Davis chose Kelly Holcomb over Tim Couch, Romeo benched Charlie Frye for Derek Anderson and then benched Anderson for Quinn. Now, after merely five and a half starts for Quinn, he was pulled in Sunday's game against Baltimore for a less then spectacular Derek Anderson.

The question now is what's next?

Playing Quinn Sunday would look idiotic on Mangini's behalf because what would have been the point in pulling him Sunday?

So it only makes sense, that Anderson starts just to see what he can offer to the worst team in the NFL.

The fact of the matter is that Mangini had no justification in pulling Quinn.

As stated earlier, we just run through quarterbacks like a hot knife through butter.  When are we going to suck it up and let someone develop? With our future number one overall pick in 2010, are we going to draft Sam Bradford and potentially ruin his career? Probably.

But let's focus on the present; Quinn needs to start, plain and simple.

We need to develop a quarterback for more then six games before we decide they are too inept to play.

When will a coach in Cleveland understand that QB instability is what has wrecked us thus far? When will we have a coach WHO is more concerned with longevity than instant gratification?

The Browns are going no where in 2009, and the Quinn era has ended as soon as it started. Was Quinn spectacular in his starts? No. Was he even good in his starts? No, not really; but how can we judge him so soon? We can't.

Before the season started, Mangini chose Quinn as his starter. He said he would stay with him through good and bad; he obviously lied.

We are the joke of the NFL year in and out for a reason, and this year is no different.

A coach fining someone $1,700 over a bottle of water. A coach who plays his former players even though they have no business starting. A coach who if he makes it to next season, will blame 2009 on not have "his guy" under center, and thus making my article come full circle.

And to the Browns fans across the world, don't whine because your guy isn't taking the snaps Sunday; rather, support the guy and hope he does his best.

This division among the ranks is turning us against one another. We can't allow that to occur.


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