UEFA Approve Use of Goal-Line Technology for Euro 2016, Champions League

Rob Blanchette@@_Rob_BFeatured ColumnistJanuary 22, 2016

FILE - The Dec. 8, 2012 file photo shows a referee's watch with the goal as they demonstrate the goal-line technology of Hawk-Eye system at Toyota stadium in Toyota. The Bundesliga clubs have approved goal-line technology that will be introduced at the start of the next season. The technology chosen is the Hawk-Eye system, which is also used by England's Premier League.  (AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama)
Shuji Kajiyama/Associated Press

UEFA have approved the use of goal-line technology to be used at Euro 2016 and in the Champions League from next season. 

Ben Snowball of Eurosport confirmed the decision of the European governing body, but he added that fifth and sixth officials will continue to be used in addition to the technology already in place in the Premier League.

Snowball explained: "The technology, also used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, has practically ceased the debate on whether a ball has crossed the goal-line. ... The system will be used alongside the oft-criticised additional assistant referees, who will continue to monitor proceedings around the penalty area."

The decision should now eliminate any future controversy at major championships, such as Frank Lampard's goal for England against Germany at the 2010 World Cup, which was incorrectly disallowed. 

Alessandra Tarantino/Associated Press

The Press Association (via the Mail Online) said former UEFA supremo Michel Platini was opposed to the introduction of the technology. However, he gave his blessing to a review by governing officials before his recent ban from football. 

Technology has been embraced by many sports over the past decade, but football has resisted, citing tradition as a reason to stick to fundamental principles.

However, the use of goal-line tech has been an overwhelming success in English football—arguably the fastest paced league in the world—and referees have been hugely supported in their decision-making with the implementation.


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