Jalen Rose Calls John Wall's Throwing Nearly $50K at Strip Club 'Charity Work'

Thomas Duffy@@TJDhoopsFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2015

According to TMZ, John Wall threw nearly $50,000 at a Dallas strip club Saturday (warning: NSFW content). Wall probably considered that a fun night, but former NBA star Jalen Rose has a different term for it:

"Charity work."

During a recent episode of ESPN's Jalen & Jacoby podcast, the analyst compared Wall's wild time to Russell Westbrook's recent donation to UCLA, the largest the school has ever received from a former Bruin.

Yeah, those are definitely the exact same thing.

Here's the full quote from Rose (h/t Complex):

Russell Westbrook and John Wall both did a great charitable thing. Russell Westbrook giving a million dollars to UCLA, it's noble, it's recognizable, it's something that's going to create a legacy for his name for years to come. It's philanthropic work. Now, the charity that John Wall did, that's the charity that makes it to the hood, and it also is a donation to those who are working really hard to entertain adults that evening. And when a customer does come in and spends that type of cake, everyone leaves with full bags. And you know what? I support full bags!

Rose continued to drop knowledge bombs and asked an important question: "When you're throwing the money, are you throwing it for you? Or are you throwing it so everyone can see it?"

We don't know Wall's motivation. We just know it was a lot of money.

[TMZ, h/t Complex]


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