Michael Huff and Oakland Raiders Defense Earn Hard Fought Victory

OAKLANDRAIDERCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

Michael Huff and the rest of the Oakland defense led the Raiders to victory.

Though the stats say the Kansas City Chiefs had a good game, the Raiders defense was able to hold strong at key points of the game.

Huff came up big for today with two interceptions on the day. This is great news because this is the Michael Huff we've have been waiting for with both interceptions killing drives for the Chiefs.

On defense, Kirk Morrison lead the way with 13 solo tackles and Thomas Howard chipped in eight solo tackles.

You can state that the Chiefs had tons of yards, but you can also make the case that the Raiders offense struggled, thus keeping the Raiders defense on the field.

Time of possession was 39 minutes for the Chiefs and only 22 minutes for the Raiders.

If it wasn't for the Raiders defense not allowing the Chiefs to put up points, then this game could have gotten ugly. That is why the defense must be thanked for this win.

A key point in this game occurred when the Chiefs had the ball with 14 seconds left before half with no timeouts. Instead of kicking the FG, they decided to try for the end zone one more time and were stopped inbounds by Nnamdi Asomugha, forcing the Chiefs to lose out on a halftime lead as the game went into half 3-3.

Thanks on the day can also go to the Kansas City Chiefs' offensive line for its many penalty flags.

With that being said there are three key moments/players I would like to talk about.

1) Javon Walker:

Tom Cable, why in the world would you have this guy on the field trying to return punts?

I believe it was in the 3rd or 4th QT, the Chiefs punted the ball back to our own 20 and instead of getting out of the way, Javon Walker stupidly sticks his hand out trying to make a catch.

I don't know if he felt he was going to return that for a TD or what, but there is no way he should be trying to even touch that ball. He had no read on the ball in the sky, it was like I was watching it in slow motion, saying to myself—"Javon's going to screw up, Javon's going to screw up, Javon's going to screw up"...and what did he do? Screw up.

It almost makes me think that he was trying to do that on purpose in order to ruin the game for. I still don't know whats going on with Javon Walker. This leads me to my next player.

2) Mike Mitchell:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Mitchell was able to recover Walker muffed punt catch. I was very glad that Mitchell had his head in the game and was focusing on the ball. Mitchell didn't have any stats, and didn't see much playing time on defense, but that play was huge for. This is what it takes, everyone must play a role in winning whether it's small or large.

3) Todd Watkins:

Todd Watkins played hard today.

He didn't see many balls come his way, but as the 3rd WR he ran his routes hard. Watkins had one catch for 28 yards and it was huge. All of the OTA's, Mini camps, training camps, preseason games—all of the hard work from Watkins in the offseason was put into that one catch. I'm glad to see someone who put in some hard work had it pay off.

4) Sebastian Janikowski:

It's not easy kicking FG's on the road.

Janikowski was clutch today hitting from 48 yards and 54 yards. Those 2 FG's lead to the win.

Regardless of the stats for both teams, all that matters is that the Raiders won the game. Kansas City is a tough place to play for the Raiders and the games between the two teams always end up close.

Jamarcus struggled, yes.

In the end, Russell came through and led the 4th QT comeback win, if anything the Raiders escaped and now that they are back to .500,  can now look to beating the Denver Broncos.

The game versus the Kansas City Chiefs was a test. Now the upcoming game versus the Broncos will go along way to tell which way the season will go.

To all my Raiders fans, enjoy this win.

It feels good to win.


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