Here's a Samurai Slicing a 100 MPH Fastball in Half with a Sword

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 14, 2015

If you'll join me, I'd like to check back in on Isao Machii, a Japanese master swordsman and possible real-life witcher.

More than anything else, Machii is renowned for his inhuman reflexes and anticipatory instincts with a sword.

Machii has been filmed doing such things as deflecting BB gun pellets out of the freakin' air, so tasks such as chopping up pitched baseballs should be simple fare for him, right?


The swordsman recently stepped into a pitching cage in the hopes of taking the top off a 100 mph fastball—one of the hardest things to do in all of sports.

This is Aroldis Chapman territory. You don't wander into this space expecting to figure out the mysteries of the triple-digit heater quickly. But Machii—an accomplished swordsman—succeeds in his first attempt at the ball. You'll note his sword is completely sheathed as he lines it up.


Also, props to Machii for his baseball savvy. He worked the count. He's not up there taking cuts. The swordsman observed the first two offerings, saw what the machine was giving him and took his pitch—because Machii knows his role.

He knows he's not a power-hitting Viking. He's not going to get your raiding party 32 crushed ribcages a season. Machii is an on-base samurai. He swings at what he can hit, and what he lacks in power he'll make up for in arrows deflected.

I'm just saying, he's about consistency.

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