Petr Cech Poses with Arsenal Fans Wearing Petr Cech Masks

Sean Swaby@seanswabyUK Staff WriterJuly 30, 2015

Anirbit @AplusCFC

'Wait, let me wear my mask' - @PetrCech #AFC lol http://t.co/6Oma77toDp

How much do Arsenal fans love new goalkeeper Petr Cech

They're wearing his face. 

At Members' Day at Arsenal, fans posed with Cech in a bizarre, overflowing display of Cech. 

In his defence, the goalkeeper's typically calm demeanour in goal translated to the shoot.

Guardian sport @guardian_sport

Sport picture of the day: Cech mates http://t.co/AEUKKenZbx (Photo: Getty) http://t.co/5FkdIsMAst

For what it's worth, it wasn't just Cech going through the mask treatment. Just look at Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez.

Messi Minutes @MessiMinutes

It's a close call, but I think this latest effort from @PetrCech takes the crown for 'creepiest mask photo'. http://t.co/2Q1jG3D0Hi

[Twitter, h/t Mirror's Row Zed


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