Just Done With It: Dwyane Wade Leaves Converse for Nike's Cushier Confines

Dave MorrisonSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2009

Over the summer the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade made a big move and left Converse for Team Jordan.

There were some rumors about D Wade refusing to wear a version of his own signature shoe from Converse over the course of last season. Some called it “curious,” some called it a mystery, well people lets just call a spade, a spade. The shoe sucked.

Converse has not made a quality basketball shoe since the Chuck Taylor’s. You know it, I know it, the American people know it. The only difference is now D Wade knows it.

When Wade signed with Converse that was a huge win for them. They had a golden opportunity, rising star with a lot of potential, (similar to another 2 guard who got swooped up by Nike in 85’) then he went on and won a championship in 2006. Perfect.

Now, his feet hurt. Converse blew it.

Not only did they design an uncomfortable shoe, but also one of the more ugly signature shoes ever made. In my humble opinion Wade deserved better. Every legit star in the league needs not only a solid shoe deal, but a solid shoe.

No NBA super star wants someone to wear his kicks only to be laughed out of the gym. Wade is where he belongs now, with the best. Team Jordan is the elite shoe brand in the basketball world.

However, I have wondered would a D Wade Jordan shoe just seem like a sub plot to the GOAT? I have no doubt that Wade will be sporting a very stylish and functional shoe this coming season, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be sporting retro Jordan’s more often.

I am just saying that if you work for the best ever, is it possible to become the best ever?

Who knows?

Wade has the potential to be in the HOF. I’m just glad to see he will be walking in with the right shoes on. 

Prediction: Wade’s signature Jordan shoe to drop around Christmas of 09. 


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