Reds' Billy Hamilton Swipes 2nd, 3rd and Home vs. Phillies

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJune 9, 2015


After notching a single in the bottom of the second inning in Monday night's game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton used his incredible speed to wreak havoc on the bases.

With Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips at the plate, Hamilton stole second and third with ease. That gave him a major league-leading 25 stolen bases on the season.

However, he still had 90 feet to go.

There was a bit of an unusual situation on the 3-2 delivery of Phillips' at-bat. He checked his swing on a pitch in the dirt and immediately started for first. Unsure whether Phillips swung, Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz threw the ball to first base—without looking at Hamilton first.

That was a mistake. Not only did the first-base umpire rule Phillips did not swing, resulting in a walk, but Hamilton also broke for home as soon as Ruiz threw the ball. The speedster crossed the plate so quickly that Philadelphia first baseman Ryan Howard didn't even bother to throw the ball back to Ruiz.

Unfortunately for Hamilton, because he waited until Ruiz threw the ball to first base before taking off, he was not credited with stealing home. Instead, it officially goes down as a fielder's choice.

Regardless of the ruling, the fact that Hamilton made it around the bases without Phillips ever putting the ball in play is incredibly impressive.

The Reds would go on to win the game, 6-4.

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