Most Stylish MLB Players

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2015

Most Stylish MLB Players

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    Bryce Harper is one of the best young players in baseball, and he's also bringing fresh style to the game. Fashion in the MLB doesn't take center stage the same way it does in the NBA, but that doesn't mean there aren't sharp-dressed players out there. 

    Based on Instagram accounts of GQ spreads, these nine players appear to be some of the most fashion-conscious in the MLB. One way or another, they've shown they can look good in more than just a baseball uniform.

Justin Verlander

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    Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers was featured in a 2013 issue of GQ, but the piece was more about baseball than fashion. However, since Verlander began dating model Kate Upton seriously, his fashion sense seems to be on the rise. The pitcher's Instagram features photos of clean suits, casual button-ups and of course, his best accessory.

Cole Hamels

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    Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels doesn't appear to have an Instagram account, but he has proved he can pull off a sharp-looking outfit. Hamels sported an over-the-shoulder bag (aka man purse) at Shane Victorino's charity fashion show in 2011, and he rocked it. Hamels has also been featured in Forbes in a series of photos titled "Fashion Fastball."

David Ortiz

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    In 2013, Vanity Fair put together a list of baseball's 10 best-dressed players. David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox made the cut. Upon further examination, it turns out Big Papi can really dress. The 6'3", 230-pound designated hitter cleans up well, looking sharp in a basic black suit or even a casual leather jacket

Giancarlo Stanton

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    Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton was featured in April's GQ sporting a new type of technical, wrinkle-free suit. Miami's $325 million man can also pull off a standard suit with the best of them, based on some fly images from his Instagram account.

Curtis Granderson

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    Back when he was with the Detroit Tigers in 2009, Curtis Granderson was named one of the "16 Best-Dressed Detroiters" by Hour Detroit. Later with the New York Yankees, Sports Illustrated Kids called him one of sports' best-dressed athletes.   

    And now with the New York Mets, the outfielder continues to show he deserves such accolades. The Grandy-man looks great in a pinstripe suit, and that winning smile would make any outfit look good.

Robinson Cano

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    Robinson Cano was also named in the 2013 issue of Vanity Fair as one of baseball's best-dressed men. After signing with the Seattle Mariners for $240 million, Cano was featured in GQ sporting a new beard he wasn't allowed to have with the New York Yankees. 

    Cano may be in Seattle now, but he spent nine years playing in a fashion mecca, New York City, and he is represented by one of the most stylish guys around in Jay Z. Cano's Instagram account shows a man who looks good in classic suits but who also takes risks every now and then.  

Matt Harvey

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    Derek Jeter used to be the king of New York—and a pretty great dresser to boot. But now that No. 2 has retired, Matt Harvey is stepping in to take over New York's baseball fashion title. The New York Mets pitcher was recently named one of the most stylish people in New York by US Magazine

    After a 2013 photo shoot with the New York Post, Harvey also proved he has excellent style awareness. Harvey told Kirsten Fleming, "Definitely the lighter the shirt I am wearing, the more my eyes pop. I've always really liked to look good and to dress well."

Bryce Harper

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    At 22 years of age, Bryce Harper is one of the best young players in the MLB today. He is also one of the most fashionable. His Instagram account documents a wide style range—casual T-shirts, beanies, even bold suit jackets.

    From creative hair styles to his casual-chic wardrobe, Harper makes fashion a priority. He told Mike Grimala of Vegas Seven, "I really wanted to look good every day I went into the clubhouse, every day I had an interview. It's a lot of fun to be able to dress up. It's like on Sundays when you go to church, you want to wear your Sunday best, and during the season I try to do that."

Matt Kemp

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    Matt Kemp played for the Los Angeles Dodgers for nine years. Perhaps his immersion in a major fashion city helped him to become a sports style icon. 

    According to Jayneoni Moore of Sporting News, Kemp's closet houses designers such as Givenchy and Tom Ford, and he has a big thing for shoes. Kemp told Moore baseball players aren't as visible as some other athletes, but that doesn't stop him from trying to look good. 

    He described his style philosophy: "For me, less is better; a little subtle. I just try to put the right things together. I don't try too trying to go with the bright colors."