First Ever Twitterview: @DavidRoberts612

Lucinda PerezContributor IAugust 15, 2009
Hey Luchadors! I conducted my first Twitterview earlier today. I asked my followers if they were interested, and they were! Already have a couple of people lined up for the next couple of weeks. @DavidRoberts612 called dibs on the first Twitterview, so here it is!
@FearthePhenom: Thanks for doing this Twitterview. First off, can you introduce yourself to the millions of my fans who will read this? LOL
@DavidRoberts612: lol, my name is David and I live in a small town on South-West Wisconsin. I’m 15 years old. Anything else?
@FearthePhenom: How Long have you been watching wrestling? And who is is your all-time favorite?
@DavidRoberts612: Been watching for almost 7 years now, guess I’m still considered a noob. My favorite is and has always been Shawn
@FearthePhenom: Nice. Okay, the real questions: In your opinion, what’s the best wrestling show on television right now? Why?
@DavidRoberts612: from what I hear right now, it’s Smackdown, but I can’t say that beacause I can’t watch it. But I have to say Raw because it just has some better all around talent than ECW. Don’t get me wrong, ECW/TNA have some great talent, but Raw has better storylines than ECW does.
@FearthePhenom: I can see that. Raw is Drama. LOL. So, speaking of Raw… who is your dream guest host?
@DavidRoberts612: I would love to see the band Disciple host it. They are one of my favs and their song themed Cyber Sunday a couple years ago.
@FearthePhenom: Yeah, I think I remember them. Okay, tell me who would win: Sting or The Undertaker?
@DavidRoberts612: That’s a tough one. I would have to say Undertaker just because he portrays one of the best gimmicks in WWE and seems right. It would make a great show though.
@FearthePhenom: Haha, no doubt it would be a great show. Alright, so SummerSlam is around the corner, who’s taking the WWE & WH titles?
@DavidRoberts612: I would love to see CM Punk walk out with the title again and with all the talk about Hardy leaving, it just might happen. And as for the WWE title, I think Cena is due for another run.He hasn’t been champ for a bit and it seems like the right choice.
@FearthePhenom: I agree w/ Punk winning. Not sure about Cena. LOL. Okay, last question: What do you think about this Kurt Angle news?
@DavidRoberts612: It didn’t come as a surprise to me really, because I haven’t watched TNA much in the last year or two. Doesn’t seem like Angle.
@FearthePhenom: Yeah, pretty crazy story. Well, thank you David for being the first Twitterview for!
@DavidRoberts612: Thanks. :)
There you go! My first ever Twitterview! BIG THANKS! to David for being the first. I know my questions weren’t that great. I’ll work on them, I promise!

Okay, so guys, I want to know what you think. Was this interview thing a good idea? PLEASE let me know what you think. If you want to be interviewed for the website, i’d be happy to have you. Just comment below with your @USERNAME and I’ll tweet you. Not on Twitter? It’s all good… I’ll be just as happy with an IM/E-Mail interview as well.

Also, if you have any questions you would liked asked, please, drop a comment and let me hear them. I could use a little help with the questions. Haha.

Okay, thanks again to David. Looking forward to my next interview and to hearing your response.

Take it easy!