Baylor's Shawn Oakman Becomes Internet Meme Due to Massive Frame

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIJanuary 2, 2015


Baylor Bears defensive end Shawn Oakman has turned plenty of heads this college football season, coming in at 6'9" and 280 pounds. As his team faced the Michigan State Spartans on the national stage Thursday, he attracted even more attention.

A picture surfaced on Twitter of Oakman on the giant video boards at AT&T Stadium, with the 22-year-old towering over his opponents. Not surprisingly, the picture of Oakman quickly started to spread, and now the junior defensive end has become a new Internet meme.

Here are just a few of the best tweets regarding Oakman:

Sam Garrison @sjm_garrison

For breakfast this morning Shawn Oakman had 3 human beings and a honeybun http://t.co/ZzncEeKr41

Tyreek Smith @smith_tyreek

Liam Nesson: Idk who you are but I will find you and kill you Shawn: This is Shawn Oakman Liam Neesin: Keep her http://t.co/3twf03Gk0V"

❄️ Prefontaine ❄️ @HellaFrosty

iTunes: Do you accept the terms and conditions? Shawn Oakman: No. iTunes: Okay. http://t.co/0IA3oHz3Op

Jim Fauxbaugh™ @MGoHarbaugh

Baylor: tuition is 50,000 Shawn Oakman: I have 5$ Baylor: that's perfect http://t.co/4b4R2gpVhy

Walker Rogers @Iam_JWRIII

Me: I've never heard of Shawn Oakman before these tweets Shawn Oakman: yes you have Me: you're right, favorite player http://t.co/SeAa9OCE1W

While Oakman says he will return to school in 2015, according to The Associated Press (via FoxSports.com), it shouldn't be long before we see the massive defender playing at the next level.