Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving's Handshake Was Not Smoking a Joint, Dummies

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistNovember 12, 2014


So this is a thing now, apparently.

After their recent win over the New Orleans PelicansKevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrated with a custom handshake. And because the Internet is the Internet, everyone took two seconds to decide that they were miming smoking a joint. See for yourself.

The Cavaliers had to come out themselves and clarify that what Love and Irving were doing was "sharpening mustaches," which is no less stupid, but at the very least it's something that people will get less worked up over than perceived drug references.

Everyone is obviously skeptical, seeing as some athletes are known to have participated in smoking the devil's lettuce from time to time. And some have even done a joint-smoking celebration before. Because of course.

Unfortunately for all of those conspiracy theorists out there, no, they were not pretending to smoke a joint.

Let's break this down.

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In this picture, you can clearly see Love smiling, and his hand is not over his mouth. It's off to the side. Irving is talking the entire time. His hand is even more clearly to the side of his mouth.

Neither guy makes a puff motion with his mouth, nor do they have their hands directly over their mouths.


Here you can get a better shot of Irving's hand, which is nowhere close to your average joint-smoking pose. Who smokes like this? Bill Clinton?


Sorry, Internet, nobody is pretending to smoke a drug that is now legal to smoke in multiple states. Sorry to burst your bubble. It's just a lame mustache celebration.

Carry on.