San Francisco Fans Set Fire to Couch After Giants Win World Series

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistOctober 30, 2014

Twitter: @SFKale

San Francisco Giants fans may have gotten a little carried away with their celebrations after the team took home its third World Series title in five years Wednesday.

Kale Williams of the San Francisco Chronicle tweeted out photos of fans in the middle of Mission Street lighting a couch on fire. This was apparently the couch before things really escalated:

Kale Williams @sfkale

Giants: 1 Couch: 0 http://t.co/VHWbWb4A7E

And this is the aftermath:

Kale Williams @sfkale

There’s a guy with a torch desperately trying to light a couch on fire while the crowd chants β€œBurn it! Burn it!” http://t.co/zUrBnK62D2

Kale Williams @sfkale

Bottles breaking, couches on fire, fireworks in the middle of the crowd. Because, yay baseball? http://t.co/I7j2GmbV3O

ESPN.com's David Lombardi was also on the scene:

David Lombardi @LombardiHimself

Fires have started in San Francisco's Mission District http://t.co/dgvKa9WWYm

The Associated Press provided more images of the revelry:

Noah Berger/Associated Press

Noah Berger/Associated Press

Noah Berger/Associated Press

Of course, the situation called for more than a few selfies:

Kale Williams @sfkale

Cops in riot gear. And of course, selfies. http://t.co/qE9AQoLarx

jenna @pre-E3 i guess @goforawalker

Someone's having a good time http://t.co/HhwqxJX29U

A few shenanigans are to be expected after such a momentous occasion. Williams reported that cops in riot gear were on the scene but that things remained relatively civilized.