Boise State Has No Shot at 2010 BCS Title

Tony GuadagnoliContributor IJuly 17, 2009

Boise State just might be a title contender.

I read that recently and figured it must be to repeat as WAC champion. But no, it was a national title contender. Boise State. This season.

A few folks must be trying to smoke some of Bronco Stadium's artificial blue turf.

No way, no how, Boise State has a shot at the BCS title game. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Did I mention they have no chance?

Look, the City of Trees is a fine place, and Boise State has dominated the WAC like few teams have dominated their conference this decade. The Broncos have been to eight bowl games since 2000. Their 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma was the most exciting game of the season.

But sorry, the Broncos won't be a BCS title contender in 2009. If Utah's 2008 team had no chance, Boise's shot is a little bit worse, and that's even if the Broncos are perfect, which they very well could be.

The Broncos open with their toughest game Sept. 3, hosting Oregon, a team they beat last year.

That's the apex for the Broncos as far as tough games go.

Even if they wipe out the Ducks and waltz to a 13-0 regular season, the Broncos have no chance to play for the BCS title, and a BCS bowl might be pushing it. Their other non-conference games are Miami of Ohio, at Bowling Green, Cal Davis, and at Tulsa on a Wednesday night in mid-October.

That is not the schedule of national title contender. In fact, it is the weakest schedule in the WAC and one of the weakest in the nation. That September win over the Ducks would be long since forgotten.

In recent years, Boise State has sprinkled in a few BCS teams—namely Georgia, Washington and Oregon State, but future schedules are not any better for the Broncos, who added Mountain West powers Utah and BYU.  After Oregon, Oregon State is the only BCS team on a future schedule.

Until we get playoffs (yeah, that should be coming any day now) or until Boise State toughens its schedule, the Broncos must be content with being one of the winningest programs in the country, as well as one that is not taken seriously by most of the nation.


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