Let's Sing: Each MLB Team's First-Half Song

Mike KentSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2009

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Well, as the first half is coming to an end, I thought we may want to end it with a song. Or, with many songs... it will be fun!

Every team has been doing something. Some have been winning, some are still in the race, and some are free falling.

Each one of these teams can sing, and they can sing what they are doing. 

Let’s look at what each team is feeling at the end of the first half.

Arizona Diamondbacks

First Half in A Few Words: The team that came close to winning the NL West last year is trying to stay out of last place. Not looking the best in the world of the D-Backs.

Song: "Is This the World We Created"

By: Queen

Atlanta Braves

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First Half in A Few Words: These guys have been playing good baseball in the last month, and with the Mets and Phillies down fall, they are still very much in the race.

Song: "Don't Give Up on Us"

By: David Soul

Baltimore Orioles

First Half in A Few Words: This team looks lost. Other then their beautiful ball park there is no reason to go to O's games.

Song: "Who Wants To Live Forever?"

By: Queen

Boston Red Sox

First Half in A Few Words: Who needs Manny? When you have Jason Bay things are just fine, maybe even better. Looking like the best team in baseball and a lock for the playoffs.

Song: "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

By: Green Day

Cincinnati Reds

First Half in A Few Words: The young Reds are still in it. But they have a team that can go a long way for a long time.

Song: "Forever Young"

By: Rod Stewart

Chicago Cubs

First Half in A Few Words: After being Kings of the NL last season, the Cubs find themselves not even in front of the NL Central. Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley are big let downs.

Song: "Don't Let Me Down"

By: The Beatles

Chicago White Sox

First Half in A Few Words: They are in it; they are in reach of the AL Central leading Tigers. They just need to win a few more than the Tigers and they are in the lead!

Song: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

By: Michael Jackson

Colorado Rockies

First Half in A Few Words: They started badly, but in the last few months they have been making an amazing comeback. They may copy the 2007 Rockies, and they are just one game out of the Wild Card.

Song: "There Can Be Miracles When You Believe"

From: The Prince of Egypt

Cleveland Indians

First Half in A Few Words: Well, things are not going as planed. The team that some people considered to be the best in the AL Central has been the bust of baseball.

Song: "Heartbreak Hotel 56"

By: Elvis Presley

Detroit Tigers

First Half in A Few Words: The Tigers are in first! Last time they made the playoffs they ended up in the World Series. Maybe we will see a repeat.

Song: "Eye of the Tiger"

By: Survivor

Florida Marlins

First Half in A Few Words: The young Marlins are in it. They are only two games out of the East, and the young guys are only going to get better. But do not worry NL East, they will probably trade their best players soon like they always do.

Song: "Forever Young"

By: Alphaville

Houston Astros

First Half in A Few Words: They have had help from their young players, but not enough to be in the race. But they are Stayin Alive.

Song: "Stayin' Alive"

By: Bee Gees

Kansas City Royals

First Half in A Few Words: They started the season red hot, but that was short lived. They have had one feel good story with Zack Greinke. But the rest is a mess.

Song: "Another One Bites the Dust"

By: Queen

Los Angeles Angels

First Half in A Few Words: Last year they were the best team in baseball, this year they are half a game behind. But Vlad is back on! And they miss being kings.

Song: "I Just Can't Wait To Be King"

By: The Lion King

Los Angeles Dodgers

First Half in A Few Words: The best team in the NL by far, leads the way and is making it look easy. And now that Manny is back they may clinch it in early August. And they have the best record in baseball in the first half.

Song: "We Are the Champions"

By: Queen

Minnesota Twins

First Half in A Few Words: Other then the last three games with the Yankees, this team has been ok, thanks to the M&M combo. But in the last two seasons they have been breaking hearts.

Song: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

By: Kiki Dee

Milwaukee Brewers

First Half in A Few Words: They are in the heat of the race, one of the better lineups in baseball. They are on their way to winning a lot of games with this great team.

Song: "Be Prepared"

By: The Lion King

New York Mets

First Half In A Few Words: One of the hardest teams to watch in the last few months. No team has been hurt more by injuries to their key players.

Song: "Why Does This Always Happen to Me"

By: Weird Al Yankovic

New York Yankees

First Half in A Few Words: They have been through bad times, but right now they are looking like the hottest team in baseball. If the Yankees are coming to your town, do not bother watching your team lose.

Song: "We Will Rock You"

By: Queen

Oakland Athletics

First Half in A Few Words: Getting Matt Holliday did not change much on this team. They are dead last in the AL West and are not looking like they are going to get better.

Song: "Believe Me"

By: Fort Minor

Pittsburgh Pirates

First Half in A Few Words: They are a bad team. They do not have the best talent in the world, but this team plays with heart, and has been getting better.

Song: "The Show Must Go On"

By: Queen

Philadelphia Phillies

First Half in A Few Words: As a Mets fan it is hard for me to admit, but this team is proving that last years World Series was not a fluke. They are doing great.

Song: "Remember the Name"

By: Fort Minor

San Diego Padres

First Half In A Few Words: One of the worst teams in the NL this year, last in the NL West. We have seen no life from these guys.

Song: "Beat It"

By: Michael Jackson

San Francisco Giants

First Half in A Few Words: The team that was nowhere last year is leading the NL Wild Card, and a lot of the credit should go to the Freak.

Song: "Freaks Come Out at Night"

By: Whodini

Seattle Mariners

First Half in A Few Words: They are doing ok, still in it. And they may not be looking to trade their old players anymore. This may be their season.

Song: "Never Gonna Give You Up"

By: Rick Astley

St. Louis Cardinals

First Half in A Few Words: Just join the ride, Albert is going to take this team to the playoffs. Who knows, he may help them win another World Series.

Song: "Greatest"

By: Will Smith

Tampa Bay Rays

First Half in A Few Words: This team is one of the better in baseball, with lots of young talent. But not much they can do about playing in the AL East. In any other division they would be number one.

Song: "What About Me"

By: Shannon Noll

Texas Rangers

First Half in A Few Words: Leading the AL West! This is the only prediction in the start of the season I got right! And it looks like it is time to believe in the Rangers!

Song: "I’m a Believer"

By Smash Mouth

Toronto Blue Jays

First Half in A Few Words: They have been having a weird season, lots of their average players have been having an All-Star season. But by looking to trade Halladay, they are giving up

Song: "Givin' Up"

By: Linkin Park

Washington Nationals

First Half in A Few Words: No surprise that the Nats are having a bad year. They have been miserable again, and that is no fun for any fan to watch (sorry Nats fans).

Song: "Meet the Mets"

By: The Mets

At the end, I think I did the best with the Nats. I think I was being bad to Mets fans more then to Nats fans.

The first half has been fun, it is sad to see it go. But we need to get ready for the second half, let's wait and see what we get from our teams in the next half.

Loving Queen! That is why you see the most from them. I guess I do not know much about other singers.

Thanks for reading!