Andre Reed Calls Out Johnny Manziel, Rails Against Bon Jovi to New York Magazine

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 29, 2014

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Andre Reed needed to set some things straight this July.

New York magazine's Reeves Wiedeman (h/t Mike Rodak of ESPN.com) published a story Tuesday about a sit-down the Buffalo Bills great had with members of the "Buffalo Fan Alliance." In their discussion, the soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductee let some candid thoughts fly about Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and singer Jon Bon Jovi's alleged intentions to move the Bills to Toronto.

Wiedeman reports that during his talk with the Alliance, Reed noticed a television show displaying a tweet Manziel sent to LeBron James after the latter's decision to return to the Cavaliers. This message sat poorly with Reed, who called the Browns first-round draft pick a "rookie b---h."

"Who the f--k is Johnny Manziel?" Reed said. "LeBron ain't your guy! You're not 'Johnny Football.' You're 'Johnny Rookie B---h.' ... They'd boo that m----------r outta here [Buffalo]. The fans would put him in his place."

As for Bon Jovi, Reed says the rock singer and his supposed intent to move the Bills to Toronto can go straight to hell.

"Man, f--k Bon Jovi," Reed said. "You might as well just take this city, throw it in the river and let it go down Niagara Falls."

But tell us how you really feel, Andre.

While Reed's opinion on Manziel seems to be a random outburst, his opinion on Bon Jovi is indicative of a growing movement in Buffalo in response to the entertainer's quiet jockeying for ownership in the franchise.

Backed by a group of Toronto-based investors, Bon Jovi has been making moves to put himself in the position to buy the Bills. The growing concern among fans is that the singer will grab the reins and drive the Bills wagon straight to Toronto—a prospect that has left fans in a panicked state of indignation.

Championing the term "#BanJovi," the Buffalo Fan Alliance and other grassroots Bills groups have begun establishing "Bon Jovi Free Zones" in local bars about town.

Reed, ostensibly, is all for these bans. That isn't to say he hasn't had a blast in Toronto.

"Now, I ain't gonna lie to you," Reed said. "One year I went up to Toronto, and man, I had a good-ass time up there. ... Off the recordI had a great time."

Toronto may be the land of cheese curds and health care, but an international transplant is a tricky proposition. While not a colossal move in distance, leaving a team's stomping grounds behind to dig into soil long dominated by the Toronto Maple Leafs is a risk.

Bon Jovi's group has remained mum on its intentions regarding a move but is studying the particulars, according to The Associated Press (h/t ESPN.com).

The AP reports that a source close to situation claims the group has conducted a series of studies analyzing potential stadium sites, including two in Toronto and one in suburban Mississauga.

Dec 1, 2013; Toronto, ON, Canada; A general view of the Rogers Center before a game between the Buffalo Bills and the Atlanta Falcons . Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bergmann, a cofounder of the Toronto firm overseeing Bon Jovi's group, denies that any specific stadium sites have been studied.

"We have undertaken engineering and design studies," Bergmann wrote to the AP in an email. "All of our work has been about a generic site and whether it was more rural or urban. We are aware of potential sites in the western NY and southern Ontario region."

Translation: We're halfway there.

Don't despair just yet, sports fans. No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills, and Bon Jovi will have to crawl the second leg of this purchase over Andre Reed's dead body.

In the meantime, just stick to Reed's three-word battle cry and ignore Manziel Mania best you can. Battling with Bon Jovi is no bed of roses, and another team's hotshot rookie is the least of your concerns.


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