NBA Power Rankings: Free-Agency Edition

John LorgeSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2009

The 2009-10 NBA season is still months and months away but it's never too early to hash-out how all of the moves the teams are making will impact their seasons.

While some big-time free-agents are still on the market, enough has happened to really shake things up.

Let's take a closer look.

1. Los Angeles Lakers - Phil is back, and Ron Artest is an upgrade individually over Trevor Ariza for the Champs, but how will he mesh on Kobe's team?

2. Cleveland Cavaliers - Shaq is far past his prime but he is focused and determined to help the King put another jewel in his crown... and Marion may be on the way.

3. Boston Celtics - The addition of Sheed adds depth, size, and experience--will another FA vet be dawning green soon?

4. San Antonio Spurs - With Jefferson, the Spurs get another elite scorer and it takes the pressure off Manu so he can recover fully.

5. Denver Nuggets - The Nuggets came together beautifully in the playoffs and they look to keep their high-energy attack rolling in 2009-10.

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6. Orlando Magic - Is Vince Carter an upgrade over Hedo, Skip, Lee, and Gortat?  Doubtful.

7. Portland Trail Blazers - The playoff experience in '09 and another year of growth will help, so will a marquee free-agent.

8. Dallas Mavericks - Bringing back Kidd will keep Dallas in the mix for another season but will Gortat earn his money?

9. New Orleans Hornets - Chris Paul is looking to do big things in his fifth year but is his team behind him?

10. Utah Jazz - Boozer and Okur stay, Maynor adds depth at PG, and Utah may still bring-in another gun.

11. Phoenix Suns - Even without Shaq there is still plenty of talent on Phoenix, but for how long?

12. Atlanta Hawks - Marvin Williams should be re-signed, Bibby could be, and Crawford gives the team plenty of points.

13. Miami Heat
- At 27, Wade is in his prime and will do everything in his power to return the Heat to the top.

14. Washington Wizards - The talent is there but Washington needs to remain healthy and their centers are questionable.

15. Detroit Pistons - It looks like the Pistons may not be done making moves but there are no complaints with what they've done so far.

16. Philadelphia 76ers - The Sixers are still waiting on Miller but if Brand is healthy they should remain in the playoffs.

17. Chicago Bulls - Losing Gordon hurts, bad, but the Bulls are still a deep team and Rose's potential is just budding.

18. Toronto Raptors - Their bench needs work but with Hedo the Raptors have one of the better starting 5's in the NBA.

19. Indiana Pacers - I applaud the pick of Hansbrough in the draft, Dunleavy's knees are concerning though.

20. Charlotte Bobcats - The bottom seeds in the East will be very competitive as Charlotte looks to make franchise history.

21. Houston Rockets - With the loss of Yao, Houston looks to be caught between contention and rebuilding.

22. Oklahoma City Thunder - The best young team in the NBA hopes to approach the .500 mark.

23. New Jersey Nets - The loss of Vince Carter will hurt but not as much as some think.

24. Golden State Warriors - Anything can happen in Don Nelson's system but the Warriors still need handful of players to take their games to the next level.

25. Los Angeles Clippers - Getting rid of Randolph helps, if Dunleavy were next to go the team could really move up the list.

26. Memphis Grizzlies - The Grizz added NBA ready players in the draft, Randolph can singlehandedly win (and lose) games, and O.J. Mayo will be an All-Star hopeful.

27. New York Knicks - Mine D'Antoni's system will give the Knicks opportunities but the talent on the roster just isn't there.

28. Sacramento Kings - If the Kings can add Nate Robinson it will change the attitude in Sacramento. If not, at least Tyreke Evans gives the fans something to cheer about.

29. Milwaukee Bucks - Without Jefferson or Villanueva who will the Bucks turn to when Redd and Bogut go down?

30. Minnesota Timberwolves - David Kahn is making things a little easier on the rest of the NBA.