Twas the Night Before the NHL Draft…

Miikeee D.Correspondent IJune 25, 2009

OTTAWA, ON - JUNE 21: The Florida Panthers draft table photographed during the 2008 NHL Entry Draft at Scotiabank Place on June 21, 2008 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

“Twas the night before the draft and all in the house

not a pick has been moved, not even Brian Burke’s.
Heatley has requested a trade away from Spezza & Co.
But it is still up in the air to where he will go.

The Rangers, the Kings, the Sharks, the Blues.
A 50-goal scorer any of these teams can use.
The Flyers are surely in on a big defenseman named Jay
But must move a big contract before they can pay.

Apparently Gaborik bought a house in the Vancouver area,
those rumors were shot down by his buddy Demitra.
You must be crazy to think about trading Vincent Lecavalier
however, it seems inevitable if Oren Koules gets his way.

As the GMs lay down and get ready for bed,
Dreams of Svensson, Schenn, Ellis and Kassian run through their head.
There may not be as athletic a player as Evander Kane,
but the most complete player award surely goes to Matt Duchene.

So who will go #1: Tavares or Hedman?
I guess we’ll find out after the Forum is surely to boo Bettman.”

Quick Need-to-Know Notes for the Draft:

Brian Burke has not moved up… yet. He is likely going to make a move on the draft floor. If he wants to significantly move up, Luke Schenn, must be in play.
However, the longer the Islanders hold on to their top pick, the more likely they are to keep it. The more likely they keep it, the more likely they draft John Tavares. The more likely they draft J.T., the more likely Chris Botta and his avid readers (I, for one) rejoice and restore pride in Islander Nation.
Speaking of the Leafs, are they really interested in Wade Redden? Kubina and Kaberle’s contracts are reaching their expiry date, so they could be dealt and Redden would come in as an expensive replacement. But Kubina and especially Kaberle are in play tomorrow.
The Rangers are in the hunt for a 50-goal scorer. The problem is: who are they going to offer? Drury? Gomez? Why would the Senators want to part with a proven goal scorer for overpaid underachievers?
Thanks to Dany Heatley’s announcement, Marian Gaborik has not gotten much pub. No, he has not purchased a house in Vancouver, but playing with his BFF, Pavol Demitra, is ideal for Gabby. Gaborik is also BFF with Marian Hossa, Ales Hemsky, and Jaromir Jagr. How do you say: “let’s meet up in Edmonton, ya?” in Czech?
One of Heatley and Gaborik will be a member of the Kings. J-Bo’s negotiating rights are more likely heading Philly’s way. Philly can go over the cap limit during the offseason, but must get it below before the season starts. That means Paul Holmgren has a few months to sign Bouwmeester, trade Joffrey Lupul or Danny Briere and fill in the rest of his squad.
One thing that Holmer doesn’t have to worry about is Claude Giroux. Because he is a stud.
Today, Gary Bettman ruled that the Lightning ownership will remain the same. This means that Oren Koules will not get his way and Vincent Lecavalier is more likely to remain in T-Bay. The Lightning will be a very good team next year with the possible addition of Victor Hedman.
Darkhorse pick to do something big tomorrow: Doug Wilson and the San Jose Sharks. They have remained quiet this offseason, but something has to change after a disappointing end to the season. Perhaps Patrick Marleau could be part of something big.
Lastly, Shaq was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers the night before the NBA Draft (which I am also excited to cover). Will the NHL have a similar newsmaker?

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