Most Insanely Stupid Plays in Sports History

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2014

Most Insanely Stupid Plays in Sports History

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    DOUGLAS C. PIZAC/Associated Press

    Brainfarts can happen to anyone.

    If you don't believe me, then you're probably having one right now, because if you really wanted to think of a time where your mind went totally blank, you could.

    And just because pro athletes are expected to be perfect all the time and not screw things up, that's far from the case, with players sometimes forgetting where they are and what they're doing.

    Thankfully, someone has captured those moments all on video, giving us these most insanely stupid plays that we'll always laugh at.

Matt Pagnozzi

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    It's pretty rare to see a professional athlete forget one of the simplest tasks he has while playing his sport.

    In the case of former Houston Astros catcher Matt Pagnozzi, his mistake was spiking a baseball into the ground instead of throwing it like a normal person would.

    Not only did he embarrass himself, but it allowed a run to score, too.

Amateur Boxers' Double Knockout

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    Although there have been a few other instances of athletes knocking each other out simultaneously before, this one where two boxers go down at the same time just seems to be a lot funnier to me for some reason.

    In all fairness to the two guys involved, it's actually a bit surprising this doesn't happen more frequently, since a couple of fighters are just waiting to pounce on each other.

    Sadly, though, they look really stupid—so they should just give up the sport.

Chris Crawford

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    A career 6.6 point scorer in the seven seasons he played in the league, former NBA forward Chris Crawford wasn't known for putting the ball through the net.

    It's too bad he was good at preventing his own team from scoring buckets at times, too, as he showed here by knocking out a ball that was already through the cylinder.

    Looks like if he wasn't getting his, then no one was getting theirs, either.

Gus Frerotte

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    In all honesty, this headbutt by former Washington Redskins quarterback Gus Frerotte could have been even higher on my list.

    With all the recent talk about the NFL trying to protect its players from injury—especially quarterbacks—it's insane to think that the supposed leader of the huddle would test the firmness of the padding attached to a wall—and ended up in the hospital because of it.

    There are ways to celebrate, but this shouldn't be one of them.

Andrea Bargnani

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    Of all the really stupid plays on this list, New York Knicks forward Andrea Bargnani's ill-advised three-pointer in the waning moments of a game versus the Milwaukee Bucks earlier this year might be one of the most shocking.

    With the game wrapped up after an offensive board, Bargnani could have and should have just held the ball and waited for Bucks players to foul him.

    Instead, he jacks up a trey that luckily didn't cost the Knicks the game—though it could have.

    I mean, imagine this happening in a critical game instead of one against two Eastern Conference bottom feeders.

Richard H. Lee

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    When it's you or me out on the links and we mess something up, it's no big deal—and luckily, our friends usually don't make us add a stroke for a ball traveling a few inches.

    That's not the case for pro golfer Richard H. Lee, though, as he showed that even the guys who get paid to play aren't prone to major mishits.

    It's like you can hear the money fall with these back-to-back poor short-game attempts from earlier this week.

Ricky Davis

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    For Cleveland sports fans, remembering the days that Ricky Davis was the Cavs' best player is pretty miserable.

    It's not that he was a bad scorer: It's that he often focused on himself way too much—which he has said to regret.

    This idiotic play proved that, as he seriously tried recording a triple-double by missing on the wrong basket purposely to get his 10th rebound.

Roscoe Smith

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    I have no idea what in the hell this is—nor do the commentators, who both sound dumbfounded after seeing it with their own eyes.

    Rather than dribble the ball up the floor to try and give himself a better chance at burying a game-winner, former Texas Longhorn Roscoe Smith heaves one from about three-quarters length—with nearly 10 seconds left.

    Maybe that third energy shot at halftime was a bad idea, because the dude seemed to have way too much adrenaline going on.

    The sad thing is, Smith did this twice!

Dan Orlovsky

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    Worse things have probably happened on a football field than what career backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky showed here—but not many.

    Feeling the heat by defenders while standing in his own end zone, he just forgot how deep he was, stepping out of bounds by a good foot or so.

    When a safety typically happens, guys plead their case—unfortunately, Orlovsky couldn't do such a thing.

Tony Allen

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    Injuries are just a part of sports.

    But when they occur because guys are being stupid, that's when no fan or coach should have much sympathy for a player.

    Much like we saw former NFL kicker Bill Gramatica hurt himself celebrating a field goal, Memphis Grizzlies forward Tony Allen hurt himself in a boneheaded way—after a play was whistled dead—which is something he seems to remember quite fondly.

Khalid Askri

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    Remember, kids, a play isn't really over until it's, well, officially over.

    That was the lesson that Moroccan club team goalie Khalid Askri learned late last year while trying to defend a penalty kick.

    Everything about this is cringe-worthy, as Askri initially blocks the attempt and then pounds his chest to signify how he's the man—as the ball takes a nasty spin into the net.

Quinton Dunbar and Jonotthan Harrison

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    Under no circumstances should a player be blocking someone who is wearing the same uniform.

    While football players might be taught to practice hitting or blocking one another, doing it in a game isn't a great time to sneak in some extra reps.

    Making things worse, it came in an upset loss to FCS foe Georgia Southern last season—yet still drew laughs from both coaches and players.

    I guess you can't always take yourself too seriously.

High School Football Player

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    Note to all current and future football players—while being chased by opponents with little room to maneuver, don't just toss the ball into the air hoping that your team will get lucky.

    This poor dude didn't understand that simple rule, because he may have done the worst thing a running back could do while carrying the ball.

    I would think this dude went from first string to laundry boy following this ridiculous fumble.

Brian Okam

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    There have been plenty of bad free-throw attempts seen before, but are any more pathetic than this?

    I'm not sure.

    While missing purposely to extend the game by drawing rim is a tough spot to be in, former Appalachian State center Brian Okam was actually trying to knock this one down—which is mind-boggling based on the result.

    He provided an excuse, but it's a little poor, if you ask me.

Ruben Rivera

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    Was former MLB outfielder Ruben Rivera trying to run the bases or having a panic attack? I'm not sure what to make of this one.

    Simply put, announcer Jon Miller emphatically called this the, "worst baserunning in the history of the game!”

    For a sport that has been around since the 18th century, that's quite the bold statement, but I think I agree with Miller.

Leon Lett

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    The Super Bowl.

    It's the biggest sporting event on the planet, with millions of people around the world tuning in for both the commercials and to see who will be crowned as the NFL champ.

    So it's natural for a few nerves to creep into a player.

    It's too bad former Dallas Cowboys player Leon Lett couldn't lean on that as an excuse for his blunder, as he just celebrated too early on his way to the end zone and got the ball ripped out of his hands from behind by Don Beebe, formerly of the Buffalo Bills.

    And as this video tells, it wasn't the first time Lett had a major brainfart on a big stage.

Jose Canseco

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    The point of being an outfielder is to catch the ball, not to help the other team score runs.

    Former meatheaded MLB player Jose Canseco forgot this, though, as he was tracking down a ball during a game in 1993 against the Cleveland Indians, which wound up bouncing off his head and over the wall for a homer.

    It's actually one of the more famous home runs in the past 25 years because of how bizarre it is.

    And if you wanted the hat Canseco wore that day, it could have been all yours a few years ago in an auction.

Mark Sanchez

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    It might only be a few years old, but I just can't find a stupider play than the "Butt Fumble" that former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez had in 2012.

    With all of the chaos around him and the Jets since he came into the league in 2010, is there a more defining play that summarizes his tenure in the Big Apple?

    And in case you're wondering how something like this could even happen, Sports Science showed us—and then, Sanchez embarrassed himself even more for dreading his hair on the one-year anniversary.

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