Ranking The Best Coaches In The NFL

Andrew CContributor IJune 25, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - DECEMBER 28: Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots watches from the sideline against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium December 28, 2008 in Orchard Park, New York. The Patriots won 13-0.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

It is very hard to rank head coaches because lots of questions run through your mind. Do you go with the team that wins the most? The team that has the most championships? Or the team with the star players? All these questions occur when thinking of the best coach, but here is my rankings of NFL coaches:

1) Bill Belichick, Patriots: Belichick is the master coach of the NFL. He is the Phil Jackson of football and definetly belongs at #1.

2) Tom Coughlin, Giants: Coughlin has become the tough guy prescense on and off the field for the Giants and has kept them on the right path through the good and bad times.

3) John Fox, Panthers: Fox turned an unsuccessful franchise in the Panthers into contenders yearly. They do not have much talent year in and year out, but Fox keeps them up there with the top teams.

4) Andy Reid, Eagles: The Eagles have been one of the most consistently good teams over the past decade. Always posting a solid win percentage each year even without a true great receiver (besides for T.O. for one year). He has managed to keep this team together for the most part after the T.O. feud and has led them into the playoffs with consistency.

5) Jeff Fisher, Titans: Fisher's success does not only stem from his time with the Titans, but he has always had tough, hard nosed teams that win. Fisher has won six division championships as a coach and is on his way to many more.

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6) Lovie Smith, Bears: Lovie Smith has faced all types of tough times while being a head coach. Whether it's trying to be the first African American head coach to win the Super Bowl, or his huge QB controversy, he has managed to win a Conference championship and boast one of the best defenses in the league every year.

7) Mike Tomlin, Steelers: Tomlin is a very young coach who came in replacing one of the best in Bill Cowher. These were hard shoes to fill, but Tomlin did it perfectly and won two championships right away as an NFL head coach. Tomlin has the Steelers fans alive, waving the terrible towels more than ever.

8) Sean Payton, Saints: Payon went into a disaster situation in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and has turned the Saints into one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL. Payton has had the Saints awaken the city of New Orleans and made them proud to be there to watch their home town Saints.

9) Jack Del Rio, Jaguars: Del Rio is most known for his leather jacket on the sideline, but he is a good head coach in the nfl. He has produced one of the toughest from four in football and runs the ball down teams throats with the combination of Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor. Boasts one the toughest teams in football.

10) Ken Whisenhunt, Cardinals: In his first year with the team, he led them to the Super Bowl on an improbable run that pitted the Cardinals toe to toe with the Steelers. The Cardinals made it to the game with a QB who many thought was over the hill and an almost non existent running game, but Whisenhunt made it click and was very successful.

11) Tony Sparano, Dolphins: One of the most improbible seasons in NFL history. Led by the quarterback who was run out of NY in favor of Favre and then beat Favre to make the playoffs. This guy had his team ready all season long for all challenges and became a very well known guy around Miami.

12) Brad Childress, Vikings: He has made the playoffs only once with the Vikings, but h has made them the scariest running team in the league with Adrian Peterson. Every year he has this team competing for playoff berth.

13) Norv Turner, Chargers: Has had many successful seasons in his tenured coaching career and had the Chargers as one of the most feared teams in the past three seasons. Never won the big one but has had many successful seasons.

14) Mike Smith, Falcons: First year coach, led his team with a rookie QB and new RB to a playoff berth and won coach of the year while doing it.

15) Rex Ryan, Jets: Rex has no head coaching experience, but has been one of the best defensive coordinators in the league for a long time. He led the defensively natured Ravens to a Super Bowl victory and a top five defense in the NFL ever since.

16) Marvin Lewis, Bengals: Has had much difficulty with off the field problems with the Bengals, but has kept the team from totally falling apart. Still has a very good quarterback and a great physically gifted receiver in Chad Ochocinco. Has one AFC North championship.

17) Wade Phillips, Cowboys: Wade Phillips came into a good situation with a very talented team, but has disappointed with the amount of talent he has. He has led them to an NFC East champiomship, but that's all. And he played a role in driving T.O. out of town.

18) Mike McCarthy, Packers: He sent Favre packing, but at the end of the day made the right choice because of his bum shoulder. Aaron Rodgers is an emerging great qb and McCarthy will have success with this team.

19) John Harbaugh, Ravens: Gained a playoff berth in his first year as an NFL head coach with a rookie qb and is now looking to keep going on to move farther and farther in the playoffs. Also has a top defense.

20) Jim Mora Jr., Seahawks: New coach with the team, but had some success in Atlanta with Vick. Has never won a championship, but knows what its like to have success as a coach.

21) Dick Jauron, Bills: Has had an up and down coaching career with the Bills, but finally found a great target for Trent Edwards in T.O. This could also be a huge mistake but time will tell.

22) Eric Mangini, Browns: New coach with the Browns, but was the head man with the Jets for a few seasons. Had a few great victories during those regular seasons, beating the Patriots, but never made a true impact in the playoffs.

23) Mike Singeltary, 49ers: Went into the Bay Area and instantly instilled a hard nosed, tell-it-like-it-is approach to a once great franchise. Has a tough qb situation but is up for the challenge. Hopefully the players won't rebel against this fiery coach.

24) Jim Zorn, Redskins: Had a relatively unimpressive first season with the Skins, but is looking to improve with Clinton Portis leading the way. Went 8-8 which isnt horrible, but needs to turn this team into a legit contender.

25) Tom Cable, Raiders: Coached the Raiders for half of last season, but it truly wasn't his team, it was still a team and playbook put together by Lane Kiffin. Cable made great strides with this team in last season, beating Favre and the Jets, the hot Texans, and the Buccaneers to knock them out of the playoffs. Cable was an offensive line coach and will truly pound the ball on the ground and hopefully make a good impression on Raider nation.

26) Gary Kubiak, Texans: Had the Texans playing well last season with a lot of help from Andre Johnson. If he can take this team to the playoffs it will definetly improve his stature as an NFL head coach.

27) Jim Cauldwell, Colts: This new coach is heading into the best situation with Peyton Manning as his qb and Reggie Wayne as his wr. This defense has really stepped up and Cauldwell should have a least a decent season. He is no Tony Dungy though.

28) Todd Haley, Chiefs: Played a role as offensive coordinator in leading the Cardinals to the Super Bowl last season. Already has lost Tony Gonzalez and needs to make a good impression with the poor offensive team.

29) Steve Spagnuolo, Rams: Played a role in the Super Bowl win for the Giants with his elaborate defensive schemes to beat the Patriots. He should improve the Rams this season.

30) Raheem Morris, Buccaneers: Isn't going into a bad situtation as a first time head coach. This team lost some players but they were aging anyway. Should help maintain the Bucs as a decent and competitive team in the league.

31) Jim Schwartz, Lions: Is definitely going into the hardest situation of all coaches. Taking over a team that just went 0-16 is going to be tough to do. He had success in Tennessee and had the best record in the league. But he needs to bring the Lions back to respectability.

32) Josh McDaniels, Broncos: The season hasnt even started and this coach has been awful. He drove Jay Cutler, a young stud qb, out of Denver for basically nothing, and is on the verge of trade demands by Brandon Marshall, an emerging great wide receiver.

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