Most Ridiculous Ways Floyd Mayweather Has Spent Money

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 30, 2014

Most Ridiculous Ways Floyd Mayweather Has Spent Money

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    Floyd “Money” Mayweather is one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. The “Money” in Floyd “Money” isn’t just a clever little joke—it literally stands for the piles and piles of money he rakes in annually. 

    Mayweather is like the Yankees or Lakers—he basically prints the stuff himself. 

    Considering he recently topped the Forbes list of “The World’s 100 Highest-Paid Athletes” with an annual income of $85 million—zero of which was earned through endorsements—it’s fair to say he has a little cash to burn.

    And Mayweather isn't just lighting cigars with burning $100 bills, we're talking about a massive bonfire that burns eternally. Well, maybe not eternally, but at least until he goes broke in about a decade. 

    He's always finding incredibly ridiculous ways to burn through his earnings. Here are some of the most ridiculous ways Floyd Money has spent 

Hermes Birkin Bag

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    Hermes Birkin bags are the “it” bags for socialites and celebrities who have too much money and absolutely no conscious or sense of self-awareness. How else can you explain sitting on a waiting list for six years for the privilege of paying over $10,000 for a purse?

    And $10,000 is as cheap as it gets. We all know Floyd Money is anything but a penny-pincher. He was probably able to dodge the waiting list, but that ugly purse of his set him back no less than $49,000

Personalized, Diamond-Encrusted Silverware

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    Apparently Floyd Mayweather eats his children’s cereal out of a fine crystal bowl, using sterling silver flatware that is personalized with his diamond-encrusted initials. 

    No word on how much this abomination costs, but whatever he paid for it was too damn much. 


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    Floyd Money has a well known gambling habit. Although he only brags about his big wins, when you’re playing $100,000 hands of blackjack, it’s very unlikely that Mayweather ultimately turns a profit off his favorite hobby. 

    In recent years Mayweather’s massive sports betting wagers have made headlines, including a $1 million bet on the Patriots in 2011 and a $5.9 million bet on the Heat in June 2013. 

Watches...Lots of Watches

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    According to this post on Mayweather’s Instagram account, the watches you’re looking at (8 Audermar Piguets, 8 Rolexes, 2 Aximums, 3 Franck Mullers, 1 Hublot Big Bang King, 1 Rainbow Tourbillion, 1 Piaget Galaxy) are worth upward of $6.4 million. 

    Mayweather says “It’s all about having choices,” and boy does he have a lot of choices. The 24 watches in that case are just some of his collection. He has at least one, and probably several, more cases filled with them. 

100-Foot Yacht

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    Though I was unable to verify if the 100-foot yacht Mayweather occasionally spends time on is actually his or just a rental, if his spending habits have taught me anything, he almost certainly owns it. 

    Either way, he's likely dropped an insane amount of money on it. 

Presidential Suites

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    Floyd Mayweather travels all over the world, and when he does it’s nothing but top-tier accommodations. No standard king rooms for this guy. 

    Mayweather occupies the presidential suite wherever he stays. You know a suite is expensive when you get your own ocean-view balcony and two dudes to serve you and watch you eat. 

Cadillac Golf Cart

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    Image via @FloydMayweather

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Floyd Mayweather’s Cadillac golf cart retails for around $20,000—more than a lot of brand new, regular cars. 

    It may be ridiculous, but this is the most reasonably priced vehicle he owns. 

Diamond Encrusted IPod

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    According to Larry Brown Sports, Floyd Mayweather’s diamond encrusted iPod has an estimated value of $50,000. That’s right, this dude has an iPod that costs more than most people make in a year. 

    Mayweather really puts the exclamation point on this one by wrapping his diamond encrusted earbuds around a massive stack of $100 bills. 

This Bathroom

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    It should come as no surprise that Floyd Mayweather’s Las Vegas mansion is incredibly lush, but this ridiculously over-the-top bathroom (bath house?) is definitely one of the most Floyd Money parts of the home. 

    It’s hard to imagine that something like this come standard anywhere, meaning that he probably designed the epic in-home retreat himself. No doubt ridiculously expensive, I must say this is one of his better investments. 

Game 7 Tickets

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    Jordan Johnson/Getty Images

    According to a report by TMZ, Mayweather commissioned White Glove International, a luxury concierge service, to purchase him three court-side seats to Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and Spurs in 2013. 

    The cost of each ticket? A cool $25,000. Floyd Money also was supposed to pony up an additional $5,000 for a fourth ticket in the front row. The problem? According to a lawsuit filed by the company, Mayweather never paid his $80,000 bill. 

Fur Coats

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    Floyd Mayweather has amassed a fur coat collection substantial enough to warrant PETA taking an active interest in publicly chiding him. In June 2012, Mayweather said on his HBO series 24/7, as it appears on ESPN’s Boxing Blog

    "In this training camp, we're boxing nonstop, and when we get in the ring, it's called the doghouse," Mayweather said. "So if you look at the ring, it's always surrounded by a bunch of people, 'cause that's the doghouse. When you go to a dog fight and you watch pit bulls fight ..." And here he pauses, seeming to understand he has entered into iffy, Michael Vick-ian territory. 

    He continues: "I don't want to get in trouble by -- what's the people called, PETA? I don't want to get in trouble with the PETA people, but ... the animal rights people, but s---, I don't give a f---, 'cause I wear mink coats. I'm gonna wear chinchilla and I'm gonna rock mink coats. The same people want to tell you, 'You can't wear animal fur and s---, them's the same people that's eating chickens, eating cows, eating steak. So f--- what they're talking about."

    Click over to the blog if you're interested in reading about the whole exchange. Though the entire size and worth of his fur coat collection is unknown, it's clear Mayweather spends more on mink than your average Hollywood starlet in the 50s.

Disposable Clothing

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    According to a 2013 ESPN The Magazine profile of Mayweather, he only wears boxer shorts once and then throws them out. He spends $6,500 a year on underwear just to toss it in the trash. How ridiculously wasteful. 

    This guy employs dozens of people—can't he hire someone to properly launder his drawers? 

Disposable Sneakers

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    According to that same ESPN The Magazine profile of Mayweather, his sneakers get pretty much the same treatment as his boxers, but instead of throwing them out, he leaves them “in hotel rooms for housekeepers who might have a relative in need of a size 7½.” 

    As much as I want to hate on Mayweather's crazy here, at least the shoes aren't going to waste. 

Tickets to His Own Fight

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    Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

    In September 2013, Floyd Mayweather dropped $605,000 on over 300 tickets for his friends, family and, apparently, everyone he’s ever met to attend his fight against Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas. 

    Though it was less than 1.5 percent of his $41.5 million purse, it’s still an awful lot of money to spend on tickets to an event with an outcome that is as close to predetermined as you’ll find in professional sports. 

Louis Vuitton Bags...Lots of Louis Vuitton Bags

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    From the looks of it, Floyd Mayweather must have an entire room in his mansion dedicated to housing his extensive collection of Louis Vuitton luggage and man purses. Said the man himself on Instagram, “I’m looking to hire a new assistant to keep my Louis Vuitton bags in order.” 

    You think he’s kidding, but he probably really hired a person to do just that—and pays him or her over $100,000 a year to boot. What's he even need all those bags for, you ask? carry ridiculous sums of cash around. Duh. 

Engagement Ring

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    Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

    Recently Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson ended their on-again, off-again engagement. Naturally one of the first questions that comes to mind, at least the mind of New Pittsburgh Courier writer Myeisha Essex, is did Jackson return the $10 million engagement ring?

    Though spokespeople for the couple have never actually confirmed the cost of the ring or where it came from, TMZ Sports maintains it does, in fact, exist and notes that its current whereabouts are unknown. 

G5 Private Jet

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    According to ESPN The Magazines profile of Mayweather in September 2013, Floyd Money has not one, but two private jets—a GulfstreamIV and a Gulfstream V. Though his entourage is so large that many members still have to fly commercial. 

    Prices for these types of luxury airliners online range anywhere from $16 million to upward of $43 million. It’s safe to say Mayweather’s rides are on the high end of that, because that’s how he rolls…and flies. The inside sure looks swanky. 

Gucci Trunk Closet

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    For Christmas Mayweather either bought himself or his ex-fiancee Shantal Jackson this portable Gucci trunk closet. Though I was unable to find the exact price online, the website SnobEssentials indicates they range anywhere from $35,000 to $250,000.

    They’re available to customers via custom order only—celebrity clientele include John Travolta, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. And Floyd Mayweather. 

Full-Time Barber

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    Ethan Miller/Getty Images

    Of the countless people Mayweather employs and pays six-figure salaries, one of the most important people on TMT seems to be his personal barber, Jackie Starr, who is always at the fighter’s side while he’s traveling. 

    Now you may be saying to yourself, "Wait. Floyd Mayweather is bald—does he really need a full-time staff person tending to his follicles?" That's a very reasonable question. If only there was a reasonable answer. 

    That being said, in that photo it looks like Floyd Money is completely hairless, which you know isn't all natural. And since we're talking about a guy who wears his underwear and shoes once before trashing them, why would he want to bother taking care of that thankless job when someone else will gladly do it for him?

    I really hope that Mr. Starr is being more financially responsible than his boss. 

Jewelry...Lots of Jewelry

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    If Floyd Mayweather isn’t training or fighting, the odds are that he’ll most likely be rocking an obscene amount of jewelry. God only knows what the total worth of his collection is, but single pieces can easily cost into the millions. 

    Again citing that insightful ESPN profile of Mayweather, he didn’t think twice about dropping $3.5 million on a single watch last year, right after spending $250k on pieces for his daughter. And he takes his jewelry very seriously. 

    In March 2014 TMZ reported that Mayweather was allegedly involved in a kidnapping and brutal beating of two employees he suspected of stealing his bling. So you can add legal representation to his massive list of expenditures. 

Luxury Cars as Gifts

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    Since December 2013, Floyd Mayweather has purchased, or given the impression that he has purchased via photos on Instagram, no less than six luxury vehicles—perhaps as many as nine. 

    To Mayweather's credit, it seems only half of the cars he bought for himself. Say what you want about the guy, but he's clearly very generous to some of the people in his life. 

    I’m not even going to attempt to identify all of the makes and models because cars aren’t my thing, but Google tells me the two new Bugatti's he recently acquired likely set him back over $4 million alone.

    (One, Two & Three, Four & Five, Six, Seven & Eight, Nine) These are just the latest acquisitions added to an already ridiculously impressive fleet of luxury vehicles he already owns. 

Golden IPhone

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    A few months ago Mayweather posted this photo to Instagram. Apparently that thing is a “custom made 24KT Gold TMT Edition iPhone 5S. A gift from a special friend…”

    That seems to indicate that Floyd Money didn’t actually spend any money on this golden phone, but who knows. If he didn’t have to pay for it, imagine the kind of money he’s spent over the years to warrant such an expensive gift. 

The Clippers?

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    Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

    Apparently Floyd Mayweather just added something else to his Amazon wish list—the Los Angeles Clippers. 

    Though the team isn’t technically for sale, NBA commissioner Adam Silver has made it abundantly clear that current owner Donald Sterling is persona non grata in the league after an audiotape of him making very ugly, racially charged comments was leaked to TMZ. 

    Silver has banned Sterling for life from the NBA and slapped a $2.5 million fine on him. The next step is an ownership vote on his status—if 75 percent of owners agree, he will be forced to sell the team. Enter Floyd Money’s money. 

    Mayweather has confirmed reports that he—along with a group of billionaires—is among the many people interested in bidding on the franchise. Finally! A potentially decent investment that could help him avoid bankruptcy down the line.