The Best Sports Selfies Ever Taken

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 23, 2014

The Best Sports Selfies Ever Taken

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    Carolyn Kaster


    Sadly, we all have taken a few of them in our lives.

    But while we just capture something like our face doing something stupid, a few other people aren't shy about thinking way outside the box when pointing the camera toward themselves.

    And because sports fans everywhere can be seen snapping pics during games all the time, I'm giving you a few of the best sports selfies ever seen.


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    While growing up, I'm sure most of us would have given an appendage to just shake the hand of our favorite athlete, but could you imagine actually being in a selfie with them?

    It's what this lucky Neymar supporter did a few months ago, running onto the pitch and having the Brazilian star snap a few pics of them together.

    Totally rad.

Joe Lauzon

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    Ever wonder what it looks like to see yourself in the mirror following a UFC fight?

    If so, let fighter Joe Lauzon show you—as he often does—his gnarly scars following bouts and training sessions.

    If this doesn't make you want to stick to your day job, I don't know what will.

LeBron James

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    OK, so fans might get drilled with LeBron James overkill, but this pic he took in the dentist's chair is pretty dope.

    No one enjoys going to get their teeth looked at—even if they walk away without any cavities—so seeing the biggest star on the planet appear like he shares all of our feelings sort of humanizes him a bit.

Tampa Bay Lightning Fan

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    Screen Grab

    This Tampa Bay Lightning fan might have just given me my personal favorite selfie—even though it's not the actual photo on his phone.

    During a scrum between his Lightning and the Montreal Canadiens last week, he didn't pound the boards and try to egg on the players like other spectators do. Instead, he busted out his phone and got himself right in on the action.

    Nicely played, old man.

Rickie Fowler

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    I'm not sure if PGA golfer Rickie Fowler is the biggest bro in sports, but he's definitely one of the athletes I'd want a chance to kick it with.

    Not only is he pretty good on the links, but his humor seems to fit mine and my friends, which he proved with this selfie of him as "Dick Fowler" for a Farmers Insurance commercial.

    Seriously, how epic is that porn stache he has going on?

Lolo Jones

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    Well, this is certainly interesting.

    While I've talked before about my love affair for two-sport Olympian Lolo Jones, I'm not sure this photo she took of herself is one of her most flattering.

    Of course, she was just having fun by taking a selfie with "no makeup," but I'd much rather see her showing off her rockin' bod.

Pat Barry

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    I can't imagine what it's actually like training for a UFC bout, but fighter Pat Barry tried his best to describe the feeling when he took this selfie of him playfully getting a foot to his face.

    Sure, it wasn't with the force he would typically receive, but I'm giving him points for his creativity—and his goofy reaction.

Kieran Gibbs, Wojciech Szczesny and Lukas Podolski

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    I've always wondered if/when pro athletes will be allowed to give fans a firsthand experience during games.

    I know it's prohibited now, but could you imagine guys taking POV shots from the bench as the closing moments in a title game tick down? It'd be amazing.

    And although Arsenal players Kieran Gibbs, Wojciech Szczesny and Lukas Podolski might have gotten flak for their pic following a win over Tottenham last month, it's about as close as fans have gotten to feel the true excitement after a memorable victory.

Jaromir Jagr

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    The New Jersey Devils' Jaromir Jagr has been in the league for a long, long time, so it appears that all that time on the ice has made him aware of the fans who surround him—as he proved here.

    Sitting on the bench during a game earlier this year, Jagr made sure he gave this selfie-taker a pic worth talking about, with the veteran winger getting a bit playful by sticking his tongue out in the background.

Bull Run Selfie

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    As the title of the video suggests, this dude named Christian's selfie while trying to avoid a massive, charging bull might just be the most dangerous of them all.

    For all of us who don't have the guts to jump into a race with two-ton animals chasing us, this gives us a firsthand idea of what it might be like—and it's as terrifying as we imagined.

Real Madrid-Chelsea Fan

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    Screen Grab

    Rushing the field is always a tricky proposition, as fans are typically tackled to the ground and then escorted—and sometimes banned—from the stadium.

    This kid didn't seem to think about the consequences, though.

    That's because during a friendly match between Real Madrid and Inter Milan last summer in St. Louis, he took to the pitch with his camera in hand, running up to a number of players to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment on film for Internet eyes to see.

    Bold—and successful—move, bro.

Stephanie Rice

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    If you have an Instagram account and you're not already following Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice, shame on you.

    Thanks to poses like the one above, you can thank me later, because the Australian really likes to take selfies—even if they do bring some criticism—and we should all be grateful for that.

    Just incredible.

David Ortiz

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    Carolyn Kaster

    How cool is this?

    Sure, the selfie between Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and President Barack Obama was a bit scrutinized for potentially being part of a marketing deal, but you know what, who cares?

    While "Big Papi" has visited the White House for past World Series titles, who knows if he'll ever get to meet the Prez, so I like that he busted out his phone and turned the lens toward himself—and I'm really glad the Secret Service didn't tackle him for doing it.

Usain Bolt

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    Adrian Dennis

    Anytime a fan can share in a moment with a favorite athlete, it's cool.

    But imagine being the fan whom world-record holder Usain Bolt said yes to after the race in which he became the fastest man on the planet.

    This pic might be a snapshot of the selfie, but that just makes the original copy that the person had that much more awesome.

Kayleigh Hill

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    Screen Grab

    While I can't condone such behavior during a sporting event, seeing fans take the risk to rush the field during a game and pulling off a selfie is applauded.

    This girl's name happens to be Kayleigh Hill, and, although she got busted, she gave us one of the more memorable selfies of the past year when she ran onto the field during the College World Series matchup between UCLA and Mississippi State—after tweeting about the entire plot.