The Undertaker Is Done in WWE Following the End of The Streak

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 8, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

While you can never say never in the wrestling business, it strongly looks like The Undertaker is done as an in-ring performer following his hugely shocking loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX.

The most obvious argument is that with The Streak now over, there really is no strong reason for him to keep wrestling.

Let’s look at this.

Credit: WWE.com

The Undertaker is 49 years old. He’s been plagued with various hip and knee injuries over the last decade. There are times over the past couple of years when he’s looked like he’s in genuine pain in the ringprobably because he was.

In his personal life, he’s married to former WWE Diva Michelle McCool. The two have a young daughter. He’s (presumably) financially secure, so why should he keep putting his body through this?

Without The Streak on the line, it’s simply not worth it anymore, is it?

Credit: WWE.com
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This is even more obvious in light of WWE’s official confirmation that the star was taken to hospital after the match due to a severe concussion.

It’s more than time for him to leave and enjoy the peaceful retirement he richly deserves. He should walk away while he still can.

Besides, the match with Lesnar made one thing clear: Undertaker isn’t the great wrestler he once was.

OK, so Lesnar vs. Undertaker wasn’t a total disaster, but it was boring, flat and hugely anti-climactic.

Credit: WWE.com

Truthfully, Paul Heyman’s over-the-top facial expressions at ringside were probably the highlight.

Frankly, The Undertaker looked depressingly lethargic in there. It appears age and injuries have finally caught up with him. Even a spirited and dominating performance from Lesnar couldn’t save this bout.

As someone who obviously takes great pride in his performances—just look at how much he’s pushed himself to the limit in his previous WrestleMania matches with Shawn Michaels, Triple H and CM Punk—does Undertaker really want to stick around and become a shell of himself? Of course not.

Besides, are there any real money matches left?

I doubt there’s much interest in a rematch with Lesnar.

Sure, Undertaker vs. Sting has always been a compelling option, but considering the physical states and ages of both men (Sting turns 55 next year), there’s a real question as to how good any bout between them would be.

John Cena vs. The Undertaker is another tantalizing prospect that has always been bandied about; however, if WWE ever wanted to book the match it surely would have done so by now.

Clearly, the company doesn’t want to put Cena in a position where he will be booed more vociferously than he already is.

The Undertaker has already established his legacy in WWE—his track record of classic WrestleMania matches speaks for itself. He simply doesn’t have anything left to prove anymore.

If we do see him again, expect it to be when he goes into the Hall of Fame. But as a wrestler? He’s probably finished.

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