The United National Gridiron League On The Edge Of Financial Collapse

Andrew MaisonneuveCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

The UNGL is designed to create professional development opportunities for collegiate football players. Similar to the minor league farm systems existing for other professional sports, e.g., MLB, NBA, NHL.; the UNGL will fill provide a truly competitive landscape to evaluate talent, enhance the player selection process and enable professional football teams to provide the highest quality product to their loyal fan base.

In 2008, Ken Valdiserri arranged for a meeting with National Football League officials in their NYC headquarters involving UNGL Commissioner Joe Cribbs, CEO Marvin Tomlin and CFO Ben Eison. The NFL will provide game officials to the league for its' games scheduled to begin play in the spring of 2009. It is the hope of the UNGL, the NFL will support not only the 'development' of referees but provide assistance in other areas and ultimately be a springboard for aspiring young men to fulfill their dreams of playing or working in the NFL.

Andrew Maisonneuve, Chicago based sports writer, reports that the UNGL is not likely to kick off in 2010. "The league is in a organizational melt down. I question the leadership of Commissioner Joe Cribbs, CEO Marvin Tomlin and CFO Ben Eison because their combined efforts have failed to secure funding to support the unfavorable financial position of the league." It was reported to Biringham News that The Feb. 8 start date could be delayed because "investors were still finalizing their deals with banks" according to UNGL Commissioner Joe Cribbs. UNGL President Ben Eison told the paper "there is still progress being made and a solution may come." Well guess what? It did not.

Here is the bottom line: Commissioner Joe Cribbs, CEO Marvin Tomlin and CFO Ben Eison failed to have necessary means to find the funding necessary to fulfill the league's minimum operating capital. They failed to secure bank financing because resources required for the purpose were basically unfounded. They have shown they lack the ability to capture the funding on any level, private or public.

General Manager Ken Valdiserri is the only that hasย provedย the ability do get something down. The league will not likely play next year.Unfortunately if you are an athlete counting on this league to excel your quest to the NFL, your relying on a league that has no financing nor the wherewithal to capture the funding needed to kick off next year. The likelihood of this league getting off the ground is slim at best, with out a complete management restructure.ย 


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