Anderson Silva Training to Become a Police Officer

Dan Hiergesell@DHiergesellFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2014

USA Today

Just when you think Anderson Silva couldn't possibly come closer to resembling a real-life superhero, he goes out and starts training to become a cop.

Hoping to follow in his family's footsteps, the former UFC middleweight kingpin has decided to become an officer for the Los Angeles Police Department.

"I train every morning, take my kids to school and go to the police school," Silva told Folha de Sao Paulo in Brazil (h/t Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting). "I'm studying at the Los Angeles School Police Department. I’m studying to become a police officer."

Silva is currently rehabilitating this gruesome injury.
Silva is currently rehabilitating this gruesome injury.David Becker

The 38-year-old has been making a miraculous comeback after shattering his left leg in a championship rematch with Chris Weidman back in December at UFC 168.

Since the horrific incident, "The Spider" has been making monumental strides. Whether it's been lifting weights, hitting pads or rolling with teammates, the Brazilian seems to be making moves from the very second he steps out of bed.

But a cop? Are we to believe the greatest mixed martial artist of all time is seriously considering a career in law enforcement?

According to the man himself, you better believe it.

"It’s a personal wish, something that will make my uncle happy," said Silva. "He thought it was a little weird that I’m not doing this here (in Brazil), but it wasn’t the right time. My brothers are police officers, my nephews are police officers. It’s a family thing."

There you have it.

On a day when the whole world is aiming to fool, this news doesn't seem to fall under the category of a cruel social prank. However, it does raises one very important question: Who in their right mind would dare run from Anderson Silva?

Besides maybe Bruce Lee, Silva is arguably the most intimidating and dangerous martial artist to ever walk this planet. Committing a crime in his presence or challenging his authority would result in one of the most brutal one-sided beatdowns—or arrests—this country has ever seen.

In any case, let's hope this personal accomplishment only fuels his return to the cage.

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