15 Crazy Riot Celebration Videos

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2014

15 Crazy Riot Celebration Videos

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    Sports fans are some of the most passionate people on the planet.

    Screaming, dancing, dressing up and arguing to support their favorite teams, fans aren't shy when it comes to repping their colors.

    Sometimes, though, it can get a bit out of control.

    While winning a championship or big game is cause for celebration, we've seen a few instances where the partying gets taken to a whole new level, literally tearing up the town.

    That's what happened in these instances, which are the craziest riot celebrations in sports.

Dayton Flyers Fans (2014)

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    The Cinderella run of the Dayton Flyers men's basketball team ended this weekend, but that doesn't mean the school—and its president—didn't enjoy the ride.

    It might not have escalated to full-blown riot status, but with a bunch of arrests and waves of people in the streets, I'd say it counts as a mini-riot.

Montreal Canadiens Fans (1993)

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    Our neighbors to the North sure do love their hockey, so it's only natural to see them bust out in full celebration when one of their teams wins the Stanley Cup.

    That's what happened back in 1993 when Montreal Canadiens fans went wild after they lifted Lord Stanley's Cup for the last time, allegedly causing $2.5 million in damages and police handcuffing 186 people.

    Oh, Can-a-da.

Los Angeles Lakers Fans (2010)

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    One of the most storied franchises in sports, the L.A. Lakers may have 16 NBA titles, but that hasn't calmed their fans down after adding to that list.

    After beating their cross-country rival Boston Celtics in 2010's NBA Finals, Lakers fans poured out of bars and into the streets to party with 19,000 of their best friends—along with police donning riot gear.

Seattle Seahawks Fans (2014)

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    As someone living in Seattle right now, I promise I wasn't a part of this couch burning—but definitely wish I had been.

    Following the Seattle Seahawks winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history, fellow Seattleites partied like it was New Year's Eve, filling the streets and sending a couch up in flames.

    Leave it to the college kids to start a victory riot, right?

Philadelphia Phillies Fans (2008)

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    Philadelphia has always been known for its passionate, wild sports fans—remember, they chucked snowballs at Santa Claus once.

    So it was probably expected for them to go nuts after seeing their Phillies win the World Series in 2008, ending the city's championship drought.

    The rioting caused some serious damage and had a busload of cops coming to try to tame the partying of more than 100,000 fans.

West Virginia Mountaineers Fans (Numerous)

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    This one doesn't need much explanation, as West Virginia University is known for its couch-burning celebrations following big wins by their teams.

    While the rioting usually comes following football or basketball upsets, Mountaineer fans are so wild that I wouldn't be shocked if they partied like this over a chess team win.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fans (2009)

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    Apparently, Pittsburgh Steelers fans didn't learn from their rioting mistakes from 2006 following the team's Super Bowl win, because they had just as much fun in 2009, too.

    The more recent case happened to cause some serious damage to the downtown area, thanks to Steelers fans ripping down street signs and mailboxes and starting a few fires.

San Francisco Giants Fans (2012)

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    They may have won the World Series just a few seasons prior, but San Francisco Giants fans acted as if they had never seen a championship, taking to the streets when the team won it again in 2012.

    Climbing street poles and lighting whatever they could find on fire, the city was forced to clean up quite the mess.

Chicago Blackhawks Fans (2010)

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    Sweet home, Chicago, indeed.

    That's what Blackhawks fans were singing in the streets following the team's Stanley Cup title last year, boozing and celebrating as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime deal—even though the team won the Cup just a few years prior.

    To say things got out of hand would be an understatement, as 23 people were arrested and dozens of businesses got their windows smashed.

University of Kentucky Basketball Fans (2012)

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    It has been a few years now, but I still have a photo on my phone's background from the rioting that took place in Lexington following the men's hoops title in 2012.


    It was one of the best days of my entire life, with my alma mater regaining its proper place atop the college basketball mountain.

    Still, I'll admit that it got a tad out of hand with arrests, fires and, yes, even one person getting shot.

Denver Broncos (1999)

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    It may have been just a year following their first Super Bowl title, but Denver Broncos fans didn't give a damn, partying even harder after winning back-to-back championships in the late '90s.

    Forced to use tear gas and other rioting gear to break up the mess, cops had to try to do their best to tame the crowd of supporters.

FC Barcelona Fans (2009)

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    For anyone who has ever been to Barcelona before, you know the city knows how to party.

    When you add in the fact that its home soccer team, FC Barcelona, won the Champions League back in 2009, and it's easy to see why the fiesta got even more out of hand.

    Even when the cops came, Barca fans weren't about to stop partying, throwing bottles and stones to try to prevent the Five-0 from busting in on their fun.

Chicago Bulls Fans (1991 and 1992)

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    After winning their first and then second straight NBA title in 1991 and 1992, Chicago Bulls fans fled to the streets to party with fellow supporters.

    The result?

    Over 1,000 arrests and injuries to at least 95 cops who were trying to calm the looters and rioters.

    In fact, things got so ugly that the team itself had to release a PSA prior to a title later in the '90s to remind fans not to have a repeat performance.

Boston Red Sox Fans (2004)

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    Following 86 years of heartbreak and misery, everyone knew this was coming, as Boston Red Sox fans let their emotions out in wild fashion when finally winning the World Series in 2004.

    Clearly not learning their lesson, BoSox faithful were back at it again in 2007 once the team won another title, with 37 people getting arrested as cops in riot gear got bottles thrown at them.

Detroit Tigers Fans (1984)

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    Arguably the most renowned case of celebration riots, Detroit Tigers fans wreaked havoc following the team's World Series title in 1984.

    How bad was it?

    Scary enough that police had to escort the losing team—the San Diego Padres—because the crowd surrounded the team bus and started rocking it.

    With fans burning cars and breaking anything in sight, it was quite the scene.

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