15 Painful Trampoline Fails

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMarch 18, 2014

15 Painful Trampoline Fails

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    Gerald Herbert/Associated Press

    Although I personally haven't hopped on a trampoline in a long time, I can still remember some of the near injuries from when I was younger.

    Possible busted necks, backs and ankles are always something to be cautious of, yet people still think that using these things to try some tricks is a good idea.

    With tons of people falling flat on their faces, I just had to compile a list of the most painful trampoline fails—whether it being a broken bone or a scarred ego.

No Spring Time

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    Before trying a trampoline jam, remember to review the simple task of actually knowing how to jump on a trampoline.

    This dude seemed to skip that part before trying a slam in his driveway, absolutely getting no lift and falling on his face in the grass underneath the hoop.

    I never knew something so simple could be made to look so difficult.

There's Always One

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    After seeing everyone before him complete their slams—including the mascot—this kid isn't as lucky, falling face first to the ground rather than hanging on the rim.

    It's a good thing the pad is there to catch his fall; otherwise he might have required the dental work to fix some teeth.

Just a Little Short

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    We've got a big-timer on our hands with this girl, who proves that she has the skills to go behind the back and through the legs while on the ground.

    Things get a bit more difficult when she goes up for a slam, though, as she fails to get any lift from the trampoline while attempting a dunk.

    It's as if she got hit in the back while going up, and she falls helplessly on her face.

The Human Dunk

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    There have been numerous prop and gimmick dunks in NBA Slam Dunk Contest history, but this one might take the cake.

    After seeing a bunch of other guys miss on their attempts, one determined guy steps up and doesn't just send the ball through the hoop but his entire body, too.

    With that much air, someone might want to check the springs on those trampolines, because they seem extra powerful.

Double Trouble

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    Trying to go through the legs twice on a dunk has to be difficult enough—even with the help of a trampoline to get enough air.

    But it's a lot tougher when another kid is hanging onto the rim at the same time.

    So after all the work of transferring the ball through his stems, this kid not only misses the dunk but gets his foot caught on the rim before falling on his back.

    It might be time to do something a little more basic.

Ball Slam

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    I bet no one thinks he'll have to wear a cup when attempting a trampoline slam, but this kid might make us think differently.

    Although he doesn't even have a "real" hoop to slam on, he still tries to do something epic like so many others before him.

    Seeing how he goes nuts-first into the pole and whiffing on the dunk, it's totally OK to laugh at him.

Not a Good Knight

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    The Brooklyn Nets may have turned around their season, but that doesn't mean all is right in the New York borough.

    And the team's mascot BrooklyKnight proved that earlier this season during a preseason game, after just about every cheerleader threw one down before his incredible miss.

    Getting the ball stuck in the 24-second shot clock showed that mascots need preseason practice, too.

A Real Nutcracker

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    As bad as the one I showed you earlier was with the kid nailing his balls on the pole, this one is a lot worse.

    While I applaud the dude for actually completing the slam, ripping the rim down and going nuts-first into the pole isn't a good look—and definitely not a good feeling.

    I hope there was some ice around.

Shaq Fu Fails

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    Former NBA center Shaquille O'Neal is one of the best players to ever suit up in the league, but even he found out how difficult a trampoline slam can be.

    Thinking he had it in the bag, the big fella fails to get the lift necessary to slam one home, getting rejected by the rim and no doubt causing a mini earthquake when he landed on the floor beneath the hoop.

    He should probably just stick to using his own legs as springs to dunk.

A Little Too Much Bounce

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    Kids these days are always trying to outdo one another with some fancy trick shots.

    So while this trio doesn't do anything that's completely insane, one brave soul wanted to get as much height as possible when slamming one through the net.

    Getting more than he bargained for, he doesn't only throw down the dunk but also finds himself hanging through the rim by his leg—which has to be a technical foul for hanging on for too long, right?

Face-Planted Dunk

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    This is a reminder that some stunts should be left to the professionals and not tried by us normal folks.

    No doubt trying to duplicate a jam he saw by Blake Griffin or another NBA dunker, this kid does the inevitable by slamming down a dunk.

    Oh, but it doesn't end there, as he also learned what a backboard tastes like, going face first into it and knocking out his own teeth.

An Extinct Raptor

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    While it can be tough to do, sometimes people should just accept failure and try and learn from it—the Toronto Raptors mascot might want to fall under that category.

    As a candidate for the "Worst Mascot of the Year" award, this guy doesn't just miss once but then gets up and humiliates himself again.

    Limping after the first attempt should have been enough to convince him to just walk away, yet he thinks he can complete what he set out to do—only to really fudge things up in his second try.

    All future mascots, this is what not to do.

Talk About a Facial

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    Every Portland Trail Blazers fan was probably doing their best Rob Riggle impersonation after seeing this fan slam one home a few years ago.

    As entertaining as a halftime show is when everything goes right, when things go bad, it might actually be even better.

    Of course, that comes at this guy's expense, but at least he appeared to dunk it—even if his face did get slapped by the rim.

A Jump and a Miss

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    When this high school student got chosen by the Liberty University Soar Dunk team to try his hand at slamming one home, I'm sure he was stoked.

    If only he knew it would turn out like this.

    While it's unknown if he missed the trampoline or the thing just malfunctioned, it gave all of us 11 seconds of one of the funniest, unscripted falls ever.

Atlanta Hawks Fan

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    Just when you didn't think it couldn't get any worse, something like this happens.

    While every sports fan should be excited to take part in a halftime show, when the result ends with someone flat on his face after failing miserably on a trampoline dunk, it's not quite as fun.

    This dude traveled about three feet, making it one of the most lackluster dunk attempts in history.