Is the Premier League or the Champions League Chelsea's Best Chance for Success?

Rachel Bascom@@Rachel_BascomContributor IIIMarch 17, 2014

Is the Premier League or the Champions League Chelsea's Best Chance for Success?

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    Chelsea may be top of the Premier League table, but after their loss to Aston Villa at the weekend, their position is anything but secure. Manchester City have three games in hand, which will propel them—if wonahead of the Blues and into first place.

    On Tuesday, Chelsea face Galatasaray at Stamford Bridge for the second leg of their Champions League second-round tie. They enter the match with an away goal, but a 1-1 aggregate score that leaves the tie perfectly balanced.

    So which competition is most likely to bring Chelsea silverware this season? Should they continue to give everything on both fronts, or should they focus their attention on just one? Let's analyse their chances in each and decide. 

The Premier League

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    For a short while, it looked as though Chelsea would run away with the Premier League title. However, Jose Mourinho always maintained it was more of a "fake" lead, per BBC Sport, given Manchester City's three games in hand.

    With that being said, do Chelsea still have a chance?

    Of course they do.

    If you take a glance at the fixture list, Chelsea are yet to face Arsenal at home and Liverpool away. Other than that, there are not too many challenging matches ahead.

    City, on the other hand, still have to face Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Evertonall of them on the road.

    There is no doubt that the remaining fixtures favour Chelsea. However, considering the Blues have played relatively well against their title rivals and struggled more against teams that are mid-table or below, you wonder if Chelsea really do have the upper hand.

    The main problem appears to be Chelsea's lack of experience.

    We have seen multiple times this season a team unable to step up and get results in difficult circumstances. They have had some crucial wins, such as their victories over Manchester City and Everton. However, in other matchesagainst the likes of West Brom, West Ham and Aston Villatheir inexperience and lack of creativity has shown.

    When it all comes down to it, Chelsea definitely can win the league. The question is, will they? Jose Mourinho is building a team at Stamford Bridge to winwhether it will be this season or not is up for debate. 

The Champions League

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    Chelsea go into the match on Tuesday in a good position. It may only be 1-1, but they are playing at home, and they have that all-important away goal.

    However, should they knock out Galatasaray and progress to the quarter-finals, they will have to face much tougher opposition than the Turkish giants.

    That is not to say that Galatasaray are not a tough team to play. However, when there is the potential to come up against Bayern Munich or Barcelona, it puts things into a little more perspective.

    On the right day, Chelsea can beat any team, but that is the problem with the Champions League—Chelsea fans will be the first to tell you how unpredictable and unjust it can be.

    The Blues have as good a chance as anyone of winning this year and can count themselves among the favourites, but victory is by no means certain.

Which Will They Win?

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    Are Chelsea spreading themselves too thin? They have definitely dealt with far more crowded fixture lists in the past and still finished the season with trophies.

    As it stands, both competitions give them a fair chance of victory.

    With key players Willian and Ramires both out with suspensions in the league, they certainly have more depth in Europe, and it is a trophy that Mourinho has yet to win with the Blues. However, they are still top of the league, and Chelsea can still keep the pressure on with Man City in a great position.

    Despite their loss at the weekend, Chelsea's best shot at glory this season is in the Premier League. If they win their next few matches, it will only take a small slip from Man City for Chelsea to be home free.

    The upcoming week could decide Chelsea's fate in both competitions, with Galatasaray on Tuesday and Arsenal on Saturday. These are a couple of huge fixtures for the Blues.

    As such, by the time next week rolls around, Chelsea might only be competing in one competition.

    Whatever the case, Mourinho should continue to put out only his best teams in each competition. After all, there's a double on the horizon and stranger things have happened.