20 Videos of Coaches Being Awesome

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterMarch 11, 2014

20 Videos of Coaches Being Awesome

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    Coaches being awesome at anything but coaching isn’t something that happens all that regularly. They’re the authority figures, charged with keeping things in order and players in line. 

    Having to shoulder that kind of responsibility simply doesn’t lend itself to being awesome. 

    Of course, every now and again one bucks the established trend of coaches intentionally trying to be the most boring guy in any room, and actually does something that is surprisingly amazing. 

    Awesome in this case is defined as displaying behavior atypical of a coach. That includes dancing, off-the-wall press conferences, epic meltdowns and any other behavior considered best saved for players. 

    Here are 20 videos of coaches being awesome. 

20. Tubby Smith

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    You know it’s a fun locker room when it’s a coach that gets the party started, rather than having to be coaxed into the fun by the players. 

    Such is the case with former Minnesota basketball coach Tubby Smith, who doesn’t miss a beat after edging out Wisconsin in a close game back in February 2013. 

    In November of last year the Gophers’ football coach Jerry Kill proved locker room dancing must be one of the things addressed during the interview process at Minnesota. 

19. Jim Boeheim

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    How awesome or not awesome you find Jim Boeheim’s recent epic freakout probably depends on how much you dislike Syracuse and how much you enjoy seeing old men totally lose their marbles. 

    As someone who seriously dislikes Syracuse and really loves seeing old men lose their marbles, I really thought it was something fantastic. Plus—his team just lost to Duke, which is always soul crushing. 

    Frankly, it was Boeheim’s coaching at the end of the game that cost ‘Cuse against Duke, not tirade and ultimate ejection. So I like to think Boeheim melted down in an effort to change the conversation—an effort that was ultimately very successful. 

18. Geoff Ward

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    In March 2013 Bruins assistant coach Geoff Ward decided mid-game that he had more than enough of the pesky earpiece jammed in his earhole. 

    Ward then rid himself of the device in the most awesome way possible—by discreetly removing it from his ear and not-so-discreetly chucking it over the glass and into an unsuspecting fan’s beer. 

17. Mike Gundy

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    We all know Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy can yell, but who knew he could also move? A few years after making hilarious history at a press conference, Gundy did it again in the locker room. 

    The university’s athletic department released this video in September 2011. Gundy is seen busting a move with his players after a big win over Texas A&M. His moves are actually pretty impressive for a man...who's (now well over) 40. 

16. Rene Lachemann

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    Apparently Rockies first base coach Rene Lachemann has a habit of menacing young baseball fans with awesome curmudgeonly—not to mention, totally unsolicited—advice. He’s been dropping his wisdom bombs on scared children since 1994.

    In August 2013 he talked to one lucky Phillies fan about the importance of cleaning his room, not peeing on the toilet seat, avoiding cell phones and video games, doing homework, eating vegetables and being nice to his siblings. 

    A few months prior to that, Lachermann actually provided some future dating advice to an adorable little blonde girl in pigtails. His best tip? Don’t go out with baseball players. 

15. Kevin Borseth

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    In February 2008 former Michigan women’s basketball coach Kevin Borseth held the post-game press conference that forever be associated with his name. A name that most people probably didn’t even know before that day. 

    Particularly frustrated after a tough loss with his team on the Tournament bubble, Borseth really set the tone with his dramatic entrance. The first thing you see is papers being slammed on the podium, followed by an aggressive move to the podium. 

    Borseth actually keeps up the same awesomely angry intensity for a couple of minutes, before hanging his head and shame and exiting as dramatically as he entered. 

14. Bobby Ramos

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    Back in July 2009, former Rays bull pen coach Bobby Ramos demonstrated some of his best Latin flavored dance moves on the third base line prior to a game against the A’s in Tampa Bay. 

    Well…some of the moves have a Latin flavor—like the Salsa bit at the beginning—but eventually it devolves into something else entirely. It’s too bad there were only a few dozen people on hand to witness the spectacle. 

13. Steve Spurrier

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    Damn near every time South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier has a camera aimed at him, it captures a video of him being awesome in one way or another. 

    Usually it has something to do with needlessly dressing down a local reporter or shooting unprovoked verbal barbs at opposing coaches and players, but one time last fall it had something to do with him being drunk. 

    In October 2013 the Head Ball Coach was clearly drunk and slurring during a post-game television appearance following a win of UCF. The university ultimately took down the video, stating that HBC’s comments were “too negative,” that per Josh Kendall of The State. 

    Hard to imagine it was that, rather than the fact that Spurrier was a bit sloshed. Either way though, it was an amazing sight to be seen. 

12. Gregg Popovich

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    Spurs coach Gregg Popovich makes a habit of terrorizing the media. That kind of attitude is something generally seen as a terrible quality in a coach—John Tortorella comes to mind—but for some reason we love it in Pop. 

    Nobody takes more of Popovich’s crap than TNT’s resident ugly suit connoisseur, Craig Sager. Damn near every awkward exchange between the two is an instant classic, thanks to Pop’s disdain for every question ever asked. 

    Sager: How did you turn [LeBron James] into a perimeter player?
    Pop: Can you repeat that?
    Sager: How do you turn LeBron James into a perimeter player tonight, keeping him outta the paint? 
    Pop: I have no clue.

11. Barry Hinson

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    In December 2013 Southern Illinois basketball coach Barry Hinson definitely went a little too far in calling out his players following a loss to Murray State. He went on at some length about the game, insisting his wife would’ve performed better under the same circumstances. 

    The whole the was an awesome spectacle, and you can tell Hinson was actually enjoying himself and feeding on the laughs his high-spirited rant was getting in the room. He later apologized for calling out one player by name, but insisted that was his only regret. 

10. Jim Mora

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    Like Dennis “They are who we thought they were” Green and Herman “You play to win the game” Edwards, Jim “PLAYOFFS?!?” Mora is an NFL coach defined by a sound bite. 

    As frustrating as it must be for Mora, his off-pitch moment of frustration and anger back in 2001 happened before the idea of a viral video was even conceived. 

    It just happened to be awesome enough to live on long enough in the public consciousness to later become one of the first viral videos of a coach totally losing it. 

9. Charlie Mann

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    It’s unclear whether or not Coach Charlie Mann is still on staff at Bridgeport Independent School District in Texas, but this video of him dancing was posted by the school’s official YouTube account back in December 2011. 

    Mann busts out every awkward white boy dance move in his arsenal, which is quite extensive. He dances through at least three minutes of the total video in, what looks to be, an office at the school. No wonder the windows have to be covered on his doors. 

8. Joachim Löw

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    In June 2012 Joachim Löw, coach of the German national soccer team, had a little fun at a ball boy’s expense in a game during the UEFA European Championship. 

    Löw couldn’t resist the urge to troll the young man—who looks to be all of 14—sneaking up behind him and knocking the ball out of his arm. 

    It was all in good fun though, as everyone seems to have had a good laugh about it. 

7. Phillip Wellman

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    Baseball managers are, as a whole, known for freaking out. Which is why it takes more than swearing a blue streak at an umpire and getting booted out of a game to make waves in this department. 

    No manager in history made a bigger wave than former Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman did on Jnue 1, 2007. His actions on that Chattanooga field weren’t so much a freakout, as they were a meltdown. 

    Wellman absolutely lost it, running around the field, army crawling through the dirt, jawing with the umpire, and collecting a couple of bases, before finally exiting the game. Five years later he told ESPN it was “not [his] proudest moment.”

    Maybe not, but it was his most spectacular.  

6. Miguel Herrera

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    In May 2013 Club América in Mexico won their 11th Liga MX Clausura title, defeating Cruz Azul in penalty kicks. No one was more thrilled about the victory than coach Miguel Herrera, who put most celebrations to shame. 

    Herrara totally lost it, jumping around like a man who just received a raincheck from the Grim Reaper. And once again proving that nothing is truly dramatic unless it happens during a torrential downpour. 

5. Gary Pinkel

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    The greatest dance videos in sports are usually courtesy of people that we wouldn’t ordinarily expect to see dancing. Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel, who doesn’t look a day under his 61 years, is one such person. 

    Pinkel was caught showing a little soul with his Tigers after winning the Cotton Bowl in January 2014. Instead of busting out a white boy move (like the sprinkler or the lawnmower), Pinkel delighted his players with something that almost resembled the Dougie. 


4. Les Miles

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    Almost every video of LSU coach Les Miles is of him being awesome. He’s an odd duck, known for eating grass and keeping things interesting at press conferences—obviously that’s in addition to his success on the football field. 

    There are plenty of Miles Moments™ to choose from, but his Columbus Day message from October 2013 was one of his all-time bests. Miles really did the holiday some justice with this amazing explanation: 

    “Just want to remind everybody that it’s Columbus Day. That all those of you that know Italians, like Italians, or the people that might venture on to a ship and travel to explore, find new lands…uh…this is your day. So uh…this is not St. Patty’s Day. So that’s a different day entirely.” 

3. Herb Hand

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    At preseason training camp in August 2012, some Vanderbilt football players engaged in a Commodore dance-off prior to the start of a team meeting. It was pretty standard stuff until former offensive line coach Herb Hand got in on the action. 

    Obviously not impressed by the uninspired moves offered up by his players, at the 25-second mark Hand descends the stairs like a man on a mission. And his mission was to show up everyone in the room by doing the worm—which really should have ended the dance-off immediately. 

    Every dance-off should end with the worm. 

2. Mike Gundy

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    Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy is one of only two coaches to make this list twice. His dancing was something special, but that notorious declaration of his age and gender used to lash out irrationally at a reporter was on another level. 

    It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since Gundy’s epic press conference “I’m a man! I’m 40!" rant—it seems just like yesterday. He may be 46 now, but to most of us Gundy will always be 40 years old…and a man. 

1. Gregg Popovich

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    Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is known for being more than a little bit prickly with the media, particularly during interviews on the court. He routinely eviscerates poor Craig Sager, who must have nightmares before every San Antonio game he covers. 

    Well, Jeff Van Gundy obviously knew what he was in for covering his first Spurs game for ESPN in January 2014. “I’ve never been so nervous in my whole life” said Van Gundy, who said he asked every sideline reporter on Earth for advice on how to approach Popovich. 

    And because just when you think Pop will zig, he zags, he responded in the most amazingly wonderful way possible—by giving Van Gundy a glorious bear hug. Popovich then walked away without answering any of his questions. 


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