Disgraced NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Deserved To Be Assaulted

Colin LinneweberSenior Writer IJune 12, 2009

Disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy was attacked and injured in November by a fellow inmate with purported ties to the Mafia while he served his 15-month sentence in federal prison for attempting to alter the point spread in games that he officiated.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported Thursday that Donaghy, 42, a degenerate gambler whose illicit work as a zebra spanned 772 regular-season games and 20 playoff contests, was assaulted and struck “several times with a paint-rolling stick” by the alleged Corleone enforcer.

Donaghy, a weasel who pled guilty in a New York federal court in 2007 on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and transferring betting information through interstate commerce, suffered significant damage to his knee during the beating.

According to reports, Donaghy underwent an MRI exam that showed a tear of the lateral meniscus, as well as a cyst.

Despite his wounds, the notorious ref, who received financial compensation from thugs and wiseguys alike for providing inside information and making intentional miscalls on the hardwood, was denied treatment and told by a doctor that his injury was a “congenital” condition.

The Tampa Tribune reported Donaghy will be transferred to a halfway house next week. NBA Commissioner David Stern’s arch rival is still expected to be released from government custody on Oct. 24, a prison administrator informed ESPN.

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Once he’s sprung from the pen, the rogue referee will allegedly seek help for his addiction to gambling.

"In prison, they have treatment for drug addiction and alcohol addiction, but not for gambling," a source revealed. "And all they do there is play cards."

The tainted zebra is one of the most infamous individuals in recent sports memory.

There is zero reason to feel sympathy for Donaghy.

Like Detective Jimmy McNulty once said on The Wire, “You play in dirt, you get dirty.”

Donaghy should count his blessings that he's not sleeping with the fishes.