Hey Cavs, Wanna Keep LeBron James? Better Call NBA Legend Pat Riley

Mike AcostaContributor IJune 11, 2009

Reports have been swirling that the Cleveland Cavaliers are considering dumping the NBA's reigning Coach of the Year, Mike Brown.

Apparently, there is a perception from some of Cleveland's management that Brown was badly out-coached by Stan Van Gundy in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Well, that's a given.

Brown spent most of each timeout in the playoffs standing around, keeping tabs on the popcorn and beer vendors in the arenas, while assistant coach John Kuster designed the plays in the huddle.

Sure, Brown led the Cavs to a 66-16 record this season en route to his Coach of the Year Award. However, was it Brown who led Cleveland to the top seed in the Eastern Conference? Or was it the isolation plays Brown masterminded that enabled LeBron James to lead the Cavs to a 66-16 record?

I think it is safe to say that Mike Brown is not going to be the coach to help LeBron James and company reach the pinnacle of the NBA, and if it isn't Brown, then who?

We all know who and it isn't a secret. His name is being thrown around cyber-space like a beach ball on Miami Beach.

Yes, that's right. Patrick James Riley; winner of 6 NBA championships (5 as a coach, 1 as a player).

Simply getting Pat Riley to take a call from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and/or general manager Danny Ferry would be a victory in itself, because it would prove Riley is even the slight bit interested.

And how could he not be. A combination of Pat Riley with LeBron James would guarantee a number of things, most importantly:

1) It would guarantee Lebron James' long-term commitment to the city of Cleveland and the Cavs franchise.

2) It would guarantee the Cavs would be the front-runners for any viable free agent willing to sign a contract--potentially at a lower value--to join the LeBron-Riley tandem.

3) It would guarantee a run at a number of championships in Cleveland for as long as Riley wants to coach, which could be until he reaches the Red Auerbach and/or Phil Jackson tier of championship victories.

And coming off what could be a historic coaching accomplishment if the Los Angeles Lakers win the 2009 NBA Finals and Phil get's number ten, don't you think Riley's competitive juices won't be over-flowing?

This could all be wishful thinking, or it could be Cleveland's real, and only shot, to keep LeBron from packing up and heading for brighter lights, a bigger city, and the Mecca of the NBA--to be worshipped like the second coming.

I'm not Dan Gilbert or Danny Ferry, but if I were, I would already be in Miami scouring every grooming and tanning salon across Miami Beach looking for Riley.

You want to keep your franchise player from walking out on you without a handshake or good-bye, then you better give him what he wants and that is a championship caliber team and, more importantly, taskmaster.

LeBron hungers to be a champion. Who better than a proven champion to show him the way?

It's a no-brainer.

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