Rush Limbaugh's NFL Ambition Needs a Full Time Out

Alice MeikleCorrespondent IJune 11, 2009

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 21:  Rush Limbaugh during the fourth round of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic held at The Classic Club in Palm Desert, California on Saturday, January 21, 2006  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Sports over the years have long been a safe heaven for me to hide from the everyday stress of life, whether it be the failing economy or the disappearing dividends in my financial portfolio. 

I have turned to sports for a good laugh, and when I come home to unwind, frankly speaking, I would rather watch sports with friends than have a glass of my favorite wine. 

It's simply because I get the same satisfaction from a great competition, be it golf with Tiger in the lead on Sunday or LeBron James firing the two-second buzzer beater to win the game.

My friendship with sports and other sports fans resides deep in the core of me ,and I have scored some lifetime friendships with lovers of all things sports. Sports have given me the chance to be friends with the most right-winged Republican, to the guy or girl who votes Democrat or independent. 

I have never mixed sports and politics, as I have long thought that it could be bad for my golf swing. I sometimes think Republicans make for better golfers., but I have never held that little voting right or opinion against any of my fellow golfing friends or even another sports fan. 

So today when as I found out that there is a slight possibility that Rush Limbaugh could become a contender in the ownership of the St. Louis Rams, I was so disappointed. 

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I am disappointed that the NFL Owners would even consider such a proposal, regardless of how desperate they might get. In an era where race relations are said to be improving here at home, why would we make a hundred steps backwards to give Rush a say in something that we sports fan enjoy without seeing color?

As sports fan, I see talent, skill set, determination, drive and ambition, and it does not matter if it's Phil Mickelson punching a difficult shot from behind a tree and sticking it close to the pin or it's Rashard Lewis hitting one from way downtown to eliminate my Cleveland Cavaliers from the Eastern Conference Finals. Something tells me that all sports fans are equally charged in that regard.

To bring Rush Limbaugh into this pure sporting environment, it would be a sad day in history. After all, a large majority of the NFL players are black and Rush Limbaugh has for years disrespected a player or two, using some very colorful and demeaning undertones. 

How would we be guaranteed that he would keep his mouth shut on his radio show after the Rams has suffered a loss? How can we be sure he would not chant his inner Imus when a player on his team commits the unthinkable, or gets in trouble with the law? Will he then treat it as a problem plaguing the NFL or just a color problem? 

Will he bash other NFL players who sport braids, tattoos and dreadlocks, in his quest to clean up the NFL’s image? Or will he be offensive and call out Donovan McNabb again, telling him that he is washed up or overrated as a black quarterback. 

I do not like this threat of Rush dragging politics and his off-colored remarks into my Sunday or Monday NFL game. Sports is an entertainment outlet for all fans, and so many NFL fans play Monday Morning Quarterback, simply because all NFL fans strongly believe they have the answers for all the errors committed during the game, but tell me, would Rush Limbaugh know to how handle his opinion in the “Red Zone?”

I think we sport fans would like to either pass on or throw that idea up for an interception.