The Brett Favre Bottom Line

Chris ScheiCorrespondent IJune 11, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 28:  Brett Favre #4 of The New York Jets looks to pass against The Miami Dolphins during their game on December 28, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Well, we're back at it. ESPN is telling us when Brett Favre goes to the bathroom, and when he goes to bed. ESPN recently embarrassed themselves citing a "source" that told them about a deadline set for Brett Favre.

Vikings Coach Brad Childress ended that speculation, saying that there was no deadline. So now, we sit and wait. The sad part is, we all know what is going on.

The Vikings would like Brett Favre to be at mini-camps to not only get to know his teammates, but also get the timing down and understand receivers that he has never thrown the ball to.

As far as the offense goes, that isn't much of a worry. The Vikings offense is similar to what Favre is used to, with just some minor differences that Favre will be able to pick up in no time.

Favre doesn't want to waste his time doing that sort of stuff. He has tried for six or seven years (mostly successfully) to skip OTA's and mini-camps, with the exception of 2007, when Ted Thompson and Mike Mccarthy told the team that if they weren't 100 percent committed, they weren't committed at all. Favre participated in all off-season team activities that off-season, and enjoyed a great season.

But the Vikings are content with Favre riding in on his white horse late in July, which could make for an interesting locker room. While many players have publicly said they would like to have Favre, Ray Edwards said the exact opposite, saying that "Jackson would make everyone forget about Brett Favre."

Edwards said that he not only isn't the only one who feels that way, but a majority of the team wouldn't like it if Favre came whenever he wanted to and was the starter instantly.

Brett is going to wait until Brett wants to join the Vikings, because that's what Brett wants to do. And whatever Brett wants to do, Brett does. He isn't deciding about how healthy his arm would be. (John Elway had the same procedure and was ready to play a day later).

He isn't deciding on whether or not his play could hold up for an entire season; (he has proven the last four years that it can't); he is just waiting until he doesn't have to put up with all of the team stuff that he hasn't liked in almost a decade.

Until then, ESPN is going to say Brett Favre's name 200 times a day, just out of sheer boredom. They are going to create stories based off of what a "source" told them. – source told me that their "source" is the guy who mops the floors at ESPN headquarters.

Everyone is going to wonder who their "source" is, when they probably don't have one at all.

And people, with valid reasoning, with blame the media for shoving it down their throats. But, there is one way that the media doesn't have to do that. There is one way to make the media stop making up stories and shut-up about this whole situation.

Brett Favre can sign with the Vikings, and report to the team. He can get to know his teammates, and work with his new wide receivers. Instead of thinking of himself as one king with 52 people he's supposed to call teammates just there to ignore him, he can make sure that the Vikings are a 53-man team.

Instead of having his own private office to review film in away from coaches and players, he can go to regular team meetings, and learn from the coaches.

Or, he can just do the opposite, and be Brett Favre.


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